It Was the Swinging of the Branches

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It was the swinging of the branches… and the gray in between which made me realize how much I love God and how much He loves me.

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The Privilege Time

addtext_com_MTY0NzUyMTU4NDk5When I think about the times, beautiful passages, I have been able to share with my parents. I remember outside dinners on the patio, with the sound of sprinklers jetting quietly and uniformly across the lawn. The trees stand tall, straight, gentle. I look up at them; they are my childhood trees. I played in them, I prayed to them, I though they were a symbol of surety, peace, strength. And I look back at my parents as we eat dinner, sharing, discussing, laughing, and with sometimes silent spaces… and to the trees again. Still strong; so are we.

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Make a Difference in Refugee Camp? Why not Make a Difference in Your Office, Right Now

UniversalGiving is about helping others. Part of that is empathy, whether it’s a worn torn area near a refugee camp, a religious conflict or cultural differences.  When we give of ourselves, either by donating or spending time volunteering, we learn. We learn not only about a tough situation, but also to be more compassionate.

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“In Chicago, people are just a little more content with where they are and what they do.” – Brian Spaly, Founder of Trunk Club


“The contentedness, that ability to sort of focus on what really matters in life, friends and family and good times in a career – versus having some feeling of being on a treadmill or a really challenging uphill battle – gives our city [Chicago] a sort of pleasant contentedness and satisfaction with life. I find that really appealing about both the city and also our customer base.”

-Brian Spaly, Founder of Trunk Club

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Heart All Out


Dear Readers,

Do let yourself express your thoughts, for no reason! Give yourself that time, and listen to your inner inclinations. I wrote this for one of my most precious friends, Anastasia Miron.

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“Do You Want the Transaction or the Relationship?” -Anita Casalina, Founder of Billions Rising


If you focus on the transaction you miss the greater whole. It’s only going after a piece, instead of working on something more infinite.

-Anita Casalina, Founder of Billions Rising

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Volunteering isn’t just American – We Have United Nations’ International Volunteer Day!


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