What Gives for the Holidays?

The holidays are approaching quickly.  As you think about family gatherings, decorations and gifts, do you also think about how you can share your holiday through giving to others?  If so, UniversalGiving would love to help.

PresentsFor the holidays, we offer gift packages which allow someone to give to a person in need on behalf of a loved one. You can browse by issue or region, or choose from our top gift packages. These packages cover a wide range of social issues, from the environment to poverty to human rights, making it easy to choose a cause a loved one cares about. Great opportunities exist at any price range. You can send a soccer ball to an impoverished child for just $15, empower a women entrepreneur in South America for $100, or sponsor a student in Tanzania for $500. If you’re not sure what someone prefers, you can select a gift certificate instead. If you’re in a rush, you can do twenty gifts in a click with our Quick Gifts page, choosing several gift packages for multiple friends all at once. Add meaning to your holiday this year, and make a difference in the world at the same time!

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