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It seems harmless. Check a photo. Post a photo. See what others are up to. What could be wrong with that?



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Yet according to Tech Crunch, a new study tested a regular social media group and one limited to 1o minutes per day.



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The limited 10-minute group shows less depression, anxiety.1

It shows more stable mental health and social support. What’s going on?



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People actually need to spend time together.

They do! We do! We all do.



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The American Psychological Association stated that nearly 40% of Americans up their time with people and social events to combat stress.2 Further, time with family can alleviate stress. In a nearly 10-year study at Yale and Berkeley, people who didn’t have a social fabric died three times more during those years, than someone who had family and close friends.3 And even those who don’t have the greatest or healthiest lifestyle — even they last longer when they have friends, family, 

social integration in meaningful ways.4



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According to Psychology Today, positive mental health increases with these ties. Depression, anxiety, go down.5    

Positive uplift, positive affect, take place. You are a better you, even if you aren’t taking care of you!    



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So connect today. Get off the metal and get in front of people. Start living a more positive life!

Connecting in person,



1 Coldewey, Devin, “Limiting social media use reduced loneliness and depression in new experiment”, Tech Crunch, November 9, 2018,https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/09/limiting-social-media-use-reduced-loneliness-and-depression-in-new-experiment/
2 Guest Contributor, “Most Effective Stress Relievers”, Forbes, November 3, 2009, https://www.forbes.com/2009/11/02/stress-relief-tips-lifestyle-health-stress.html#7095b16e357a
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Fig. 1: Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash
Fig. 2: Photo by Jenz Johnsson on Unsplash
Fig. 3: Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash
Fig. 4: Photo by Phil Coffman on Unsplash
Fig. 5: Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash



The Classic Pamela Positive: “There is a place for every star, and they all blend together.” —Alexandra Hawley

“There is a place for every star, and they all blend together.”

—Alexandra Hawley






This is a lovely quote from my mom, which was simply a part of an email to me.  I love the analogy of stars, for they all shine, and all uniquely so;  each one has its enduring place.  The light of each star is their unique, special contribution to this world. 

Here is where the star power comes in. With each star’s combined light, we create a greater luminescence which brightens everyone’s experience, and therefore the world.






Thank you, Mom, for seeing the star in everyone!




The Classic Pamela Positive: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle



Eckhart Tolle has an incredible philosophy to relate on Beingness. It’s interesting that he brings in Buddhism, Christianity, and many different types of religion to explain the importance of being.

Much of what he talks about is that if you’re worrying about the past, you’re letting the past  attach to you. If you’re worrying about the future, you’re attaching negativity to the future — before it’s even happened.

That statement alone I review again and again, for it keeps us focused on positivity and the present. Therefore, Being is the best way to be fully present. Being so grateful and so filled with the present moment, that that’s all there is.



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For some, this might feel hard. It can be a challenge especially if they are in the midst of some type of trauma. Further, many of us do need to plan, and so we do need to think about our futures. We need to be understanding of everyone’s situation.

Having said that, not attaching negativity to our past or future and being grateful for the present, is a great lesson that any of us can learn!

It pushes us to not ignoring the issues at hand, but simply be present. We can focus on Being, rather being upset by them. I would say further, we need to expect good to happen in this present moment –  and all future moments.



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This book can help any religious follower become less attached to negative histories, renewing oneself in the present moment.  This is also great for any person who is agnostic and atheist. There is no reason for anyone to hold on to negativity about the past or hold fear for the future.

More than anything, it’s a lesson about our minds. Take a stand for peace in your mind.





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Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and attended higher education at the Universities of London and Cambridge. In his 30s, Tolle began to work in London as a counselor and spiritual teacher. He now frequently travels between British Columbia, Canada and California. Tolle’s #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now has been translated into 33 languages and is widely regarded as one of the most influential spiritual books of the 21st century. Eckhart Tolle’s partner is Kim Eng, who works, teaches, and travels with him. Lean more about Eckhart Tolle: https://www.eckharttolle.com/about/eckhart/



The Classic Pamela Positive: May Your Work Bring Just and Lasting Peace


President Lincoln advised us…


“Whatever work you are devoted to….may it bring just and lasting peace.”


Our respected President Abraham Lincoln brought this to light in his 1865 Inaugural Address. What a calling for each of us to think, as we go about our work each day, how it can bring “just and lasting peace.”  And I think work here is not just our professional work, but any task to which we are devoting ourselves.  Any project, endeavor, activity — from raising a child to decorating a Valentine’s Day wreath — can have kindness, justice and peace as a necessary ingredient to our performing of it.






President Lincoln says something instrumental here: As we strive for our goal, it should be peace brought between each one us, and then also with all countries. The point here is that gentle justice, no matter how small, and a caring, kind sense of peacefulness in all our interactions, bring that sense of worldwide peace. And it must start with ourselves, our conversations, our actions between each person we meet. That’s a great calling for us in living rightly every day!





Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) served as the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln led the United States through the American Civil War and in so doing, preserved the Union, ended slavery, strengthened the national government. He promoted rapid modernization of the economy through banks, canals, railroads and tariffs to encourage the building of factories. He is admired for his commitment to national unity, equal rights, liberty, and democracy in America. 

The second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln,  Abraham was self-educated, and became a country lawyer, a Whig Party leader, Illinois state legislator during the 1830s, and a one-term member of the United States House of Representatives during the 1840s. Married to Mary Todd in 1842, he was an affectionate husband and father of four children.

Bio Source: Wikipedia: Abraham_Lincoln

“Jimmy Iovine Isn’t Blind” – Anjula Acharia, Partner at Trinity Ventures


Anjula Acharia can’t say enough about Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy works with Apple on Apple Music, founder of Interscope Records, and a Silicon Valley icon. And of course, as a partner of Trinity Ventures, Anjula is a beautiful, extremely intelligent Silicon Valley icon in her own right.




(Jimmy Iovine and Anjula Acharia on the right)



What she writes is how Jimmy maintains his professionalism as well as appreciation at the same time.


For example, he will say, “That’s a great dress.”


He is able to appreciate style, sophistication, beauty, and expression of one’s unique and lovely identity. But as Anjula explains, he never takes it to an awkward or inappropriate level such as, “Wow, you look hot.”


That just never happens. Once at a party, someone prompted Jimmy saying, “Isn’t Anjula so pretty.”


And at that point in time, she related that Jimmy Iovine got very, very serious and stated, even amidst a party and club situation:


“I don’t look at Anjula that way. I’m on her board and an investor in her company. She’s an incredibly talented businesswoman.”1



jimmy (1) (1).jpg



For Anjula,

her heart soared.


She knew that her investor appreciated her for who she was and for her business. She knew that Jimmy was expressing his confirmation, belief, and faith in her as an excellent businesswoman. It did not have to do with looks — and he was not going to mix it up with looks.


Jimmy seems to be a model for someone who can “appreciate a beautiful dress and state it beautifully.”


He also appreciates the business acumen of one of our top Silicon Valley leaders.


Thank you Anjula Acharia for sharing this story and thank you to Jimmy Iovine for being a great example to men worldwide.


We are Grateful for Your Models,

Pamela Hawley





Fig. 1: Photo by Anjula Acharia on Shutterstock
Fig. 2: Photo by Jason LaVeris on FilmMagic




The Classic Pamela Positive: “You’ll See Spirit Operating Everywhere” —Dan Millman


“Like the flower, trusting Spirit working according to a higher will beyond the reach of your mind, you’ll see Spirit operating everywhere, in everyone and everything…



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…To trust the process of your life. The more you trust Spirit in this way, the more you will work with it directly as a living force in your life… unfolding, like a flower, toward the Light.” 

—Dan Millman



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Dan Millman is an American writer and speaker. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where he had an extremely active childhood. He took part in modern dance, trampoline, and gymnastics. Millman attended University of California, Berkeley, where he would receive study psychology. He won the 1964 Trampoline World Championships in London, earned All-American honors and won an NCAA Championship in vaulting, and in 1966 he won the USGF championship in floor exercise. He won four Gold Medals in gymnastics at the 1966 Maccabiah Games. He would go on to coach gymnastics at Stanford University, before he began conducting motivational seminars and presenting keynote speeches. He’s married to Joy Millman and they have three adult children.


The Classic Pamela Positive: Read This If You Want to See a True Team At Work

Dear Living and Giving Readers,

I just had to share what a wonderful note I received from one of my core team members, Aurora. She works in Office of the CEO, and is dedicated, professional, and really strives to serve the world! Imagine my surprise as CEO when I received this:

Hi Pamela, Sam, Ayuko,

Today (April 20th) is my birthday—and in the spirit of living and giving, I wanted to “donate” today. I’ll still send my EOD (End of Day) Report, but I won’t mark today’s three hours in PayChex.

While I personally don’t have a lot of money to donate, I at least hope that donating my time in this way can demonstrate my appreciation for UniversalGiving.

Thank you so much for all that you do, making the world a better and kinder place.



PS: I’ve been accepted to Princeton’s PhD program for Politics, focusing on International Relations. I requested a one-year deferral so that I can start a church with my friends first in 2018; and, Princeton approved of the deferral request! So, I’ll be getting my PhD starting Fall 2019! Thank you for all your support since September, encouraging me to grow as a professional and as a person.



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As CEO, you have a lot of news, positive and challenging, that you receive every day. Imagine when I received such positive news above. A team member so dedicated, caring and loving.  It fills your heart. You certainly don’t expect it and when it happens, you are floating with gratitude for days.

And so here was my response.  It’s so important to be grateful, but also to recognize and celebrate their lives holistically:

Dear Aurora!   What inspiring and exciting news… CONGRATULATIONS! I am calling you right now.   Aurora, that is just wonderful news on all fronts.

First, on Princeton. What an achievement.  We are so pleased you are advancing in such a wonderful way.  What a gift for them and you to have this opportunity! You will learn so much on the international front… I can’t wait to hear!

Second, great you are accomplishing your goals on the church front.  Aung and I pray and say affirmations in the office, and it’s lovely. He’s Buddhist and I’m Christian, and it’s a great way for us to share and give strength to our world and UniversalGiving.   So good for you accomplishing this spiritual goal for yourself. Sharing positivity is so important, and you’ve chosen an important way!

Third, what a great gift!   To donate your hard work for today… what an honor to have your thoughtfulness. You are a true, dear, kind ethical and utmost caring person. How honored we are to have you!   That will sing in my heart for many years to come. I’m also CC-ing a few other core team members from UniversalGiving, because we love to celebrate our positive culture and any good news!

Thank you again, Aurora, for your great news, and sharing it with our UniversalGiving Family. We are rejoicing for you!  Great job! Wonderful! Upwards you go, dear Aurora!

Warmly and with Great Gratitude,






Sometimes, when we work at a nonprofit or do good in the world, we forget it can come right back to you. Aurora gave me that gift today. I am so grateful for Aurora Ling who is a precious member of the UniversalGiving team.

Everyone has a team. It might be at work; a certain Business Unit; a wrestling team – you’re the coach or you’re on it; your Quaker prayer meeting, mosque, family or after school Physics class.

Be grateful for everything, and especially for your team, today!