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YCore: A Team That Takes Action

rsz_unnamedYCore is a new model of millennial volunteering which empowers passionate young people to affect social change in their local communities. A philanthropy program created for millennials, by millennials, YCore makes it engaging and rewarding for millennials to give back in a way that creates real change in their local communities

Pamela Hawley is a mentor for this amazing group of young people, and today we’re sharing a message she recently sent to the team…
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Change a Life In 3 Minutes: “Maybe Too Soon for You, But Not For Me” – Frances Blaisdell


“Maybe Too Soon for You, But Not For Me” – Frances Blaisdell

That’s how my Oma signed a letter to me, right before I came home from Duke for the holidays. Finals were wrapping up, and she had sent me a note of encouragement. It’s attached with a beautiful cursive unique to my Oma! Since you probably can’t read it, here are some excerpts:
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