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A Soul Chat About Doing What You Love to Do: Leslye Leaves Google

A Soul Chat About Doing What You Love to Do: Leslye Leaves Google

Recently, I was helping someone try to find what they love to do. We were having a soul chat. “Leslye” had left a prominent position at Google. The title seemed right on the external– that is, it seemed right to society.

But it didn’t seem right on the inside, with her heart. Still, she questioned leaving. She put herself through such mental anguish. When truly what her soul was saying is, “This isn’t right.” We have to listen.





This was at a spiritual gathering, so I gave her some verses to study and think about deeply in her heart. Wisdom from spiritual practices help us connect with our own heart, our conscience, and our place in the world. Here is one I gave her:

  “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. – Eugene Peterson, The Message


How amazing is that, if there is a universe of good, watching out for us. A spiritual power taking care.  It’s important we hook into something much more meaningful that just the importance of our day to day. We need to be inspired that our lives are part of a greater plan, whether that is nature, the universe, or any type of spirituality.

As we encourage one another, we can make a difference. From Leslye:

“Thanks for your thoughtful response! I really appreciated the list of verses. The theme of having a plan has been a helpful reminder to continue to [have] faith and not let anxiety win.”


“And not let anxiety win.”

That is so important that we don’t let anxiety win.  That’s not part of the package we were born with. We are born to be vibrant contributors to the world, filled with life, positivity, and a unique footprint.


Leslye’s doing great. But then Leslye questioned again. But she still didn’t want to go back to Google. She felt stuck.
So I shared:
“Remember, you left for a reason. Something wasn’t sitting right with your soul.  We really, as living a life truly alive, can’t ignore it. You can come be present with me. I understand and you won’t feel “so weird.” I get it! :)” 
We all need people we can be with on our unique pathway.  So if you are forging out and doing something different, find some likeminded innovative thinkers. It’s a tender stage.  Why is it so hard? As Leslye states:


“We often don’t see all of the challenges and rough patches that lead to the external successes; I was especially encouraged by examples of all the times you persevered through hardship. Similar to your experience of hopping, I’ve gone through three jobs in 4 years. I find myself often beating myself up for leaving Google, but I found comfort in your advice to keep going and keep trying — to view things that don’t work out as lessons and steps toward finding something that fits. The post on Personal Happiness (quote from J.K. Rowling) also resonated with me. One of the things I struggle with and find hard in a place like Silicon Valley is distinguishing between my achievements/resume and identity. I aspire to develop a greater focus on my qualities and how I can help others, rather than my resume”

                                                                                          –Leslye, regarding the piece “Rough


Wow! What lessons we can learn from Leslye.  You, and she, were given gifts to utilize. You’re not supposed to bury it. So keep working on your talents.. the universe wants that. The universe is not looking at your resume!

Thanks again for your inspiration Leslye. We are cheering you on to realizing your gifts in life!


Top Thing You Must Do When You Think/Hear Something Negative


“The Buddha has a very beautiful metaphor… He calls it “like writing on water.” Whenever an unwholesome thought or emotion arises in an enlightened mind, it is like writing on water; the moment it is written, it disappears.”

– Chade Meng Tan, author of Search Inside Yourself, The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace)

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The Power of Focus

This is a recent message I sent to my team about the power of focus.

Team, I’d like to share a bit of practical inspiration today.  From Eric Schmidt of Google:

“I keep things focused on what we do best.  A successful man is the average man focused.”

Thank you for adhering to standards of excellence, attention to detail and high levels of client service in all that we do.

Enjoy the day!


If you have the ability to focus, you have the ability to achieve excellence.  If you care sincerely about every aspect of the process, from beginning to end; if you care about listening to every member of your team who is involved; and if you take time to focus on keeping your standards high…

You will win.

You will win excellence.

You will win respect of your colleagues…and yourself.

You will win excellence and the joy that comes with a sincere giving of yourself.

The Pamela Positive: We Need Your Voice to Go Viral: Google’s Speek2Tweet Takes Your Voice and Makes it Into a Tweet…Egypt and Tunisia Mobilize…

Who ever thought we’d have to go back to voice to be viral?

But as the Egyptian and Tunisian officials tried to quell their people from rising up, Google’s Speak2Tweet stepped in.  These governments had cut off access to the Internet. So Speak2Tweet let voicemails from neighbors in the community be translated into Tweets.   Technology allowed them to have a voice and let the world know, and their family and neighbors across the world, their true stand.

Technology can be taken down.  But it can be reinvented.  The soul and quest for freedom, will find a way, even if we go back to putting a message into a bottle, that eventually lands on a shore, gets texted, tweeted and websited.   Voices for freedom will not remain silent.