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Is What is in My Thought True? What Does He Say.


Is What is in My Thought True? What Does He Say. May 19, 2015

Today I had a beautiful day. A good day with the team, I got to speak with my sister and I had a date! I love what I do and I also got to talk with my day. Always a favorite. 😃

When I got home, I thanked God for my home. Always good to walk into your home and just be so very, very thankful. Continue reading

“The Best Way You Can Help Another Person” – Grey T. Full

“The Best Way You Can Help Another Person”

-Grey T. Full

Life can be so simple. What is its purpose? To help care for others.
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Infinite Supply and Peace of Mind

“When we start with an infinite God who is All-In-All — the only creator of the universe, filling all space and consciousness —there simply is no room for anything else and no place where good can be lacking.” – Todd Goldman, Founder of David and Goliath, clothing company

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It Was the Swinging of the Branches…

maryland_columbia_columbiamd_695293_h This is a special piece I wrote when I was visiting my parents’ home. It was during a very tender time as I was going through my mid-life crisis at age 25. Here, I was waking up and saw the trees outside my bedroom window… I rested and reviewed my heart, my values, and what I value. And as I prayed I cleared my heart, bring so much peace… I hope you enjoy, “It was the swinging of the branches…” Continue reading

Can You Forgive? Love Like This? She Did.


God does not have problems — only plans.”  Corrie ten Boom

She was a watchmaker in the 1920s in the Netherlands.

She was never married.

She became a foster parent, taking care of many children in her home.

And her life of giving did not stop there. Continue reading

“You Could Call That a Miracle…” – Popular Mennonite Phrase

village-264776_640“You could call that a miracle. But I am too much of a realist for that. We rely on God.  God sustains our farm and our souls.  That’s all the reality we need.

-popular Mennonite Phrase Continue reading