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My Most Popular Posts

I have compiled a list of the most popular posts on my blog. Be sure to check them out and share your favorite blog post, of mine or someone else, in the comment section below.

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Social Purpose Is the New Social Status: Wear, Drive, Eat and Live Your Purpose

You are someone who is making the world a better place by changing how you live, day by day!

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Social Purpose is the New Social Status

*   83% of respondents are willing to change consumption habits if it can help make the world a better place.

*   Twice as many people would prefer a hybrid car (67%) to a luxury car (33%). Japan and France prefer hybrids the most (89% and 84% respectively).

*   69% would rather have a brand that supports the livelihood of local producers over a luxury brand (31%).

*   70% would prefer to live in an environmentally-friendly home as opposed to 30% who would opt for merely a large house.

*   Of the people who joined a cause on a social-networking site and/or followed a cause on a micro-blogging site, 47% (88% in China) became more involved in a good cause after learning about it on a site such as Facebook or Twitter.

Source: Edelman