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The Pamela Positive: Listening – A Business Bliss

When getting involved internationally, it’s so important to listen to others. Respect the person, the culture, and their local community.  To do so is to honor the unique wisdom and presence they bring to the world.

Listening, and striving to understand other people, is the right thing to do. It will also open your business up to new opportunities. When you honor people and their local customs, they will want to work with you.  And you will love working with them!  Listening is mirrored in Respect,  which is a type of “business bliss.”


How Armenians Sprinkle Love, and Protect It – We Should Do the Same


Continuing our theme on Armenian Culture, the Transfiguration features several active and protective gods.

“According to legend, the goddess Astghik spread love through the Armenian land by sprinkling rosy water and presenting roses. The god Vahagn kept and protected that love, constantly fighting against evil. This feast was performed after the adoption of Christianity.”

May we all think about how we can Sprinkle Roses and Refreshing Water, and Protect that Love in our daily lives.


More Background:
The Transfiguration (Vardavar: The Feast of Water)
Religious Holiday
Observed on July 19

In the traditional Armenian range of holidays, the Transfiguration is the major summer holiday and is celebrated 14 weeks after Easter. In pre-Christian Armenia this holiday was associated with the pagan goddess Anahit, to whose heathen temple the young and the old went on pilgrimage. The word Vardavar has two meanings: “the flaming of the rose and “to sprinkle with water.  On Vardavar in modern times, everybody pours water on one another, starting in the early morning; no one is allowed to feel offended or displeased by mischief on that day.

Source: Armenia Information 

Celebrating Women All Over the World


Continuing in our theme of celebrating Armenian culture, women are of importance. Armenia celebrates a Women’s Day the 8th of every March. And it’s not just a calendar date. People consider this an important celebration, with men giving women gifts. In addition, it’s as if the whole town celebrates these women, by putting flowers all over the streets.

May we celebrate women all over the world with gifts and flowers, especially honoring those who are most hurting, across the world. Celebrate a woman in your life today. If you are a woman, gently celebrate yourself.


More Background:
Women’s Day
Official Holiday
Observed on March 8

Women’s Day is popular among Armenians. Men give presents to women, and the streets are full of flowers. People usually celebrate it with friends and have a good time in cafes, restaurants or at home.

Source: Armenia Information

How the Stars Kiss One Another in the Armenian Culture

Armenia is a beautifully resilient country. After declared independence in 1918, it was taken over by the Soviet Union for the next 70 years. It was not until 1991 when they claimed their renewed independence!

The Armenian people are generally viewed as a very kind and family-centric people.

With that, the Armenian people have some very special celebrations which come to light in their culture. They highlight lore and sometimes magical traditions. One of my favorites is Ascension Day, or Hambartsum. One of my favorite parts about this event is the following description:

At midnight nature finds the gift of speech, the water is still for a second; the sky and the earth embrace; the stars kiss one another. Space stops its wheel and the one who witnesses these magic moments will have his or her dreams fulfilled.


More Background:
Ascension Day (Hambartsum)
Religious Holiday
Observed on May 21

Ascension Day is the holiday of love and enjoyment, which is celebrated outdoors in the blossom of May, 40 days after Easter. In ancient times on this day the young ladies were allowed to walk freely in the fields, sing songs, and make acquaintances, which often became crucial in their lives.

Source: Armenia Information

Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: “UnConference Room” Your Meeting with a Peaceful Banyan Tree

Large Banyan Tree at Riverbend Park Jupiter Florida

Large Banyan Tree at Riverbend Park Jupiter Florida

There are many images that come to mind when we think of Asia, from dragons to beautiful beaches, spanning varied cultures.  One of my favorite views is that of the banyan tree, for it must be strongly grounded in the earth, which also allows its larger branches and leaves to provide overreaching shade.

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The Classic Pamela Positive: Communicate with More Than Words


It is so amazing to me that when we communicate, the words really ‘come in third place.’

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The Classic Pamela Positive: Praise and Joy Should Be a Permanent Part of Our Soul – Inspired by G.K. Chesterton

poinsettia-232205_640A person is fully human “when joy is the fundamental thing in him, and grief the superficial. Melancholy should be an innocent interlude, a tender and fugitive frame of mind; praise should be the permanent pulsation of the soul.  Pessimism is at best an emotional half-holiday; joy is the uproarious labor by which all things live.”

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