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Bit by Bit, China is Stopping Deforestation

Sometimes a small bit of news is great news.

China has recovered about 1.6% of areas that had been deforested. In a country that was rapidly scaling towards mass destruction of our forests, this is progress.

As we know, trees help protect our planet. When we breathe out, we breathe carbon dioxide and the tress take it in from our bodies and from the atmosphere. They actually hold it within their trunks until they die, when the release it into the atmosphere again. So if you deforest, you are basically releasing carbon dioxide en masse. That is a large part of the reason why our earth is heating up.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.43.21 PM.pngSome of you may shrug your shoulders, 1.6 percent? Why does that really matter?

When you’re dealing with a country that has 1 billion people, it certainly does matter. How can you control the habits and behaviors of such a large amount of people? The bottom line is it’s admirable to see progress.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.43.11 PM.png

Today you might have made one small positive step of progress in a challenge you’re facing.

Stop for a moment, please…

Celebrate it, and more progress will come.


Love, Pamela


The Classic Pamela Positive: Philanthropy at the Drycleaners


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I’ve shared before about philanthropy as “the love of people,” as a daily practice.

One day I had a pivotal experience that helped me be a better ‘daily philanthropist.’  Each day, I make a ‘to do’ list. The list might range from contacting a corporate client, to running an errand at the drycleaners. Checking off these items certainly gave me a nice sense of satisfaction! Continue reading

The Classic Pamela Positive: Should Our Work Make Us Happy?


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I find that so much of what is true ‘happiness’ in one’s job is how we conduct ourselves and our thinking.

For example, even if your job isn’t your exact ideal, there are elements that can bring full happiness. Being of service is not relegated to any one sector. Being professional, kind, courteous, and with a high “client service” attitude to external parties as well as to the internal team, can bring high “happiness” value.  Continue reading

Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year

Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year.   I understand. It’s not an easy landscape and can be daunting. Sometimes the people we want leading the country, won’t run. The candidates we want to stay in, drop out.   Or sometimes the candidates we like, change their views.
I’m hearing some people murmur, “I don’t even want to vote.”  iran-elections-ppl-voting.jpg
But we can’t take it for granted.
The Iranian women don’t.
In a landmark election, Iranians chose between President Hassan Rouhani, or other Iranian politicos tougher on the U.S. and the West.   This would determine the tone of Iranian leadership to come within the country.
55 million people in Iran are eligible to vote.
Women lined up around the polling site, nearly 80 miles south of the capitol.
And there was a 73% turnout rate.
The Iranian people care about their future.  So should we. Register to vote. And if you think you might be gone traveling, please get an absentee ballot. I do that just so I can stay on top of it.
Please don’t take it for granted…you have a voice. Please use it.  We have a freedom we should not dismiss.

Who Helped You Get There? Part 2

Before we begin, Read the first excerpt of this series.

who helped you get there part 2

In all the good we do… there is one thing we know for sure.

we have never done it in a vacuum. 

Today, let’s recognize the people who came before you.

Who helped you get there?

Someone, many people, helped you get where you are today.

To do you what you do….

and just be the person you are.

Thank them.

Pamela and parents


The Classic Pamela Positive: A Great Gift: “Call Me Brother”

call me brother post

A story I heard and found inspiring:

A famine was on in the land and a beggar on a street corner reached out to Tolstoy, who was passing by. Russia’s great man stopped, searched for a coin but found none. With genuine sorrow, he said: “Don’t be angry with me, my brother. I have nothing with me.”

The beggar’s face lit up as he replied, “But you called me brother–that is a great gift.”


Part 2. Listening and Giving Locally: Bayview-Hunters Point

Part One

Despite the poverty and desperation, Bayview Hunter’s Point has played a critical role in African American culture, expressiveness, especially through the strong presence of women.

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, female leaders played a huge role in Bayview. Bayview had faced massive employment, discrimination and desperation which led to crime and severe drugs, wrecking families.

Yet these women led the rallies.  They used the strong words. They were the pillars, the adamancy, the matriarchs that showed a new pathway. They claimed there must be a way out.


The most influential women were called “The Big Five.” These women were: Julia Commer, Osceola Washington, Ruth Williams, Rosie Williams, and Elouise Westbrook. To this day the streets are named after them.These women were beyond leaders —  they were relentless. They made changes in police protection, jobs, access, training, poetry expression, dance….there were inspiring anonymous poets, political leaders, women of force, and hopeful youth expressing their creativity through dancing, expression and eloquence.  So out of desperation came creativity and forging of new rights.

Women played an instrumental role that inspired:

“Hope is about getting up every morning and expecting and believing that there’s going to be something better today.” – A woman who was born in Hunter’s Point 

For us,  it is this mindset that inspires me and why we have the courage to get involved and give.    We can never completely understand everything that a community has been through.  Yet, we can also never underestimate how resilient people are.  They keep persevering despite numerous challenges and limited support.   It’s humbly inspiring, and energizes us to take a similar stand.

Sometimes, people we serve may come from a different background (Sometimes, not.)  Regardless, we need to understand where someone may have come, from which could affect their lives and their mindset.

Once we have compassion and understand…. we should never let it limit us or them.   Their future lives are being determined now.  We can either help them positively or get low.    So today… why don’t you take action.   You don’t have to go to Hunter’s Point.   Say hello to a homeless person. Let someone in front of you on the freeway.  Smile at someone on the bus.   That will uplift a person… a community… the world.


Source of Bayview: Point of Pride: The People’s View on Bayview/Hunters Point (video)