Pamela’s motivation for world-changing stems from a memory that she conjures up from a childhood trip to Central America. “At the age of twelve, I was on a family trip in Mexico,” she recalls. “My dad and I were wandering around at a traditional marketplace, and we veered off into a little cul de sac. There, we saw so many starving children: unwashed, maimed, and some without legs. I was beyond shocked. I just remember looking at my dad in absolute awe. And the word “UNACCEPTABLE”  became imprinted across my mind.”

Upon her return, Pamela started volunteering in her community in East Palo Alto. “I did everything from handing out food to sorting clothes to accepting donations,” she says. “I even started learning Spanish to help with interpretation.” Volunteering at home led to other opportunities. Since that moment in Mexico, Pamela has worked on a sustainable farm in Guatemala, volunteered for earthquake relief in El Salvador, spent time with victims of Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia, and helped develop micro-finance programs in India.

(Read the rest of Pamela’s interview with The Hub Bay Area


Pamela loves sharing inspiring thoughts and writing, both her own and others.  These are regularly featured in blog posts, but we have also assembled some key writing into the following pages:

Building World Trust

Favorite Quotes

Recognizing Leaders

We hope you will find something to inspire you–and please share your thoughts with us too!


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