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Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year

Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year.   I understand. It’s not an easy landscape and can be daunting. Sometimes the people we want leading the country, won’t run. The candidates we want to stay in, drop out.   Or sometimes the candidates we like, change their views.
I’m hearing some people murmur, “I don’t even want to vote.”  iran-elections-ppl-voting.jpg
But we can’t take it for granted.
The Iranian women don’t.
In a landmark election, Iranians chose between President Hassan Rouhani, or other Iranian politicos tougher on the U.S. and the West.   This would determine the tone of Iranian leadership to come within the country.
55 million people in Iran are eligible to vote.
Women lined up around the polling site, nearly 80 miles south of the capitol.
And there was a 73% turnout rate.
The Iranian people care about their future.  So should we. Register to vote. And if you think you might be gone traveling, please get an absentee ballot. I do that just so I can stay on top of it.
Please don’t take it for granted…you have a voice. Please use it.  We have a freedom we should not dismiss.

The Grass Is Greenest Where You Water It

rice-field-387715_640“The grass is greenest where you water it. Successful couples have learned to resist the grass is greener myth – i.e. someone else will make me happy. They have learned to put their energy into making themselves and their marriage better.”

-Mitch Temple

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Let’s be focused on how green we can make our grass!

Truly wouldn’t that be lovely?  If we all focused on what we have — the wonderful family or our friends who are like family; the job, or the opportunity to explore something new; the husband or the opportunity to date and find the right person – what a joy-filled world we would have!  And a joyful world starts with each one of our own little worlds. Continue reading

Don’t Stop Doing the Right Thing – How Mexico Gained Greater Peace

Mexico’s People Experience Greater Safety!  It’s a wonderful new headline we are seeing these days.
Its Peace Index has improved nearly 14% in the last five years. That means people are safer. They can walk the streets at night, feel better about their families, and face less corruption in business.
So what happened? The drug war really set Mexico back for a time.  Drug lords could literally “own” a plaza, a neighborhood, a business. So President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels and brought in armed forces.
But it got worse. In 2011 there were nearly 20 deaths per 100,000 people due to violence.  But after a vigilant struggle, homicide and crime rates have gone down by more than 30%.   That tells us we need to keep at it!
When you take a stand for right, sometimes it gets worse. Don’t stop doing the right thing!  

Believe good will surge again. It will! 


Vive La Paz en Mexico!  

Walk to Work Day! Look at What These Companies Did

Last Thursday was Walk to Work Day!  More than 5,800 San Franciscans traveled with at least a 15 minute walking commute. Some companies mobilized their employees. Ritual Coffee Roasters gave out free coffee to anyone who was walking to work! There was even a special happy hour giving out awards and free drinks to those who had the “Longest Walking Commute,” “Most Interesting Sight,” “Best Shoe Bling,” and “Most Company Employees Participating.”

Walk to Work Day Asks Why You Care, and Why You Walk. Here is my answer below. What’s yours?  Unknown
I love viewing the city, love nature, and exploring!  I take different routes to learn about history, buildings, neighborhoods or people. It allows you to be part of the city.   
You always have fresh air and a natural “commute.”  I try different routes so as to keep myself active and to not get in a rut. I do love the long 11 block climb from SOMA up to Grace Cathedral. That’s a great hike, and then vista! 
I also love that I don’t have to join a gym, and get natural exercise. So I save money. I also save money by not having to pay parking tickets.  :)
I enjoy being with people and saying hello as I walk down the street.  It might be a hotel doorman or doorwoman. And there is always a way to help people.  Just a simple hello might brighten someone’s day.

“If You Can’t Fly, Run. If You Can’t Run, Walk.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


“If you can’t fly, run.
If you can’t run, walk.
If you can’t walk, crawl.
But by all means, keep moving.”

 – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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As an entrepreneur, you can’t be held back. You consistently pursue your vision, regardless of what you are thrown.  If anyone tells me it can’t be done, or it will slow things down, I understand that may be the case. Yet at the same time, we must relentlessly, and with positive attitudes, pursue.

We push ourselves to think more creatively. We use the resources we have and express gratitude. We believe we can do it, we inspire others to join us, and do the best we can.

But we don’t stop.

One of the ways I finish a marathon is the following:

“If I took the last step, then I take the next step.  The only reason I wouldn’t take that step is if I told to myself to stop.”

Keep going, and you will achieve your vision.

Reader, I believe in you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or faced with any challenges in life, take the next step. Yes, you can.


Who Helped You Get There? Part 2

Before we begin, Read the first excerpt of this series.

who helped you get there part 2

In all the good we do… there is one thing we know for sure.

we have never done it in a vacuum. 

Today, let’s recognize the people who came before you.

Who helped you get there?

Someone, many people, helped you get where you are today.

To do you what you do….

and just be the person you are.

Thank them.

Pamela and parents


Let People Be Seen

 “We all share the same Struggle and Love”  — Brittani Sensabaugh
Brittani Sensabaugh is photographer making a difference.
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 3.20.31 PM.png
At one point in life, she was a fashion photographer in NYC.
But she changed her life.  Instead of her life being about clothes, she wanted it to be about the people behind the clothes.  Now she documents people of all backgrounds, colors and ethnicities, letting their story be heard.   She showcases their life.
In seeing how Brittani changed her life and the world, we can ask ourselves similar questions: Are you happy in what you do? Are you good at it?
Maybe it’s time to stay where you are.
Maybe it’s time to change.
Regardless, we can help others, change ourselves, and change the world.
As Brittani says,
“See the common, beautiful life we all share.  And let’s help each other along the way.”

Brittani Sensabaugh was born and raised in Oakland, California. Throughout her childhood Sensabaugh thought her calling was through the written word, just like her mother. Her brother always told her to add some visuals into her writing. It wasn’t until much later that she realized her was right.  In her twenties a new job moved her to New York. She was working as a fashion photographer; a dream job for some, but she was quickly learning to dislike the gig. She soon realized that she was more interested in the people rather than the clothing they wore.
Sensabaugh has made it her mission to explore the truths within the negative perceptions of urban areas in America.