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The Classic Pamela Positive: Celebrate True Wealth


Wealth is a state of mind and life. We tend to associate poverty with money. But poverty can be mental, emotional or spiritual poverty. I am often struck by this in my travel and volunteering in developing nations. Often, the divorce rates are low. Families not only stay together, but also spend time together. They gather food from the fields together, cook together and share meals together.






Contrast us: 15 minute family dinners if we are lucky. Fast-food and food distanced from its natural base. We eat alone; we eat in our cars. Divorces are easier to get, and in our mind it can be easier to allow those thoughts in as a possibility, rather than work through critical issues. So we lose the connection to family. We lose the connection to the local farm. We can lose the connection to long-term commitment.






We lose our greatest asset in natural wealth: relationships. Relationships with ourselves, our families, the earth. This wealth creates happy, balanced, productive, lower stress lifestyles, because we are connected in the way we are meant to be.

Further, we often pass by our heritage and where we come from. In many emerging nations, and especially in the continent of Africa, we see tribes value their connection to their heritage as primary importance even above their nationality. There is a deep-rooted connection to rituals and history which keeps people grounded in who they are, and the deeper, long-term meaning of being a part of a larger community in their lives.






Poverty is about money, at times. It has to be addressed as people should have the opportunity to live productive lives and make choices about what they would like to devote their lives to. Poverty is also about our well-being. Often when we get beyond “money poverty,” we forget “well-being poverty,” and get trapped in a go-go-go consumer culture.






I hope we can celebrate the healthy wealth that is accessible to us all in positive, committed relationships with ourselves, one another, our families, our earth, our communities and our heritage. How wonderful this is available to us all.




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The Classic Pamela Positive: The New Luxury – Water


In many emerging nations, children are starving and dying due to lack of clean water.  As a developednation, it certainly doesnt seem that advanced for us to be getting water for free when there appears to be a plenitude of it.  Meanwhile, two million people in the developing world are dying every year because they cant access clean water.





Maybe we wont have water fountains in the future. Maybe that just doesnt make senseand people might be forced to buy bottled water, because it is a cherished, expensive and rare commodity. Quite soon, and even by certain nations, water already is the new diamond.  And the only challenge here is that diamonds are optional.  This high-end commodityis not something we can go without.





Its where our society is now realizing that the most expensive, prized and honored possessions in our world are things that we actually cannot possesswater must be used and reobtained and used again.  Unlike diamonds, it cant fit in our jewelry box, where we take it out whenever we so desire.  Its beauty rests in livelihood.





Further, its beauty rests in the continuation of life.

Our new luxuriesare now things that we must use to survive.  They are things that must be used frequently, and they must be sought out and obtained on a daily basis.  Our new luxury is about survival.



The Classic Pamela Positive: “Make of Your Life an Affirmation”


“Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level.”

– Alexander Haig






Alexander Haig was a four-star general in the United States Army, as well as Chief of Staff under President Nixon and President Ford, and Secretary of State under President Reagan. He grew up as the middle child in a Catholic family in Pennsylvania. Haig would attend the University of Notre Dame for a couple years before finishing at West Point Academy. He would later also receive an MBA from Columbia Business School and a MA in International Relations from Georgetown University. A veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam War, Haig received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star with oak leaf cluster, and the Purple Heart. He was married Patricia Fox and they had three children together.


The Classic Pamela Positive: Don’t Accept What The World Is Presenting To You


We’re not going to be defeated. We are not going to be down. We are not going to be swayed into disagreements. We are going to focus on unity. We are going to focus on love.



steve-halama-558233-unsplash (1) (1) (1).jpg



We are not to going to get into a negative mindset. We are not going to follow the crowd of negativity. We are going to believe, we are going to love, we are going to give even if it hurts, even if it’s hard, even if we’re going against the pattern of the current tide.


Thank you for helping me and all of us — focus on a great sense of unity and love for the entire world. We can do it together, hand in hand.



mike-scheid-704840-unsplash (1) (1) (1).jpg



We are not going to accept the negative train of thought, we’re going to focus on positivity.

I will not be swayed by negative politics, I will use politics for a positive voice.

I will not by swayed by sexual harassment, I will keep my life and my mind pure. I will not be swayed by selfish business dealings, I will do business for the good of the world.



juliana-kozoski-733679-unsplash (1) (1).jpg



I will not be swayed by evil, I will make ethical choices at all points. I will not be saddened by divorce, I will be loving to everyone I meet.

Do not accept what the world is telling, love instead. Choose Love, Love, Love,

Love, Pamela



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The Classic Pamela Positive: Deal with the Complete Person – Zig Ziglar

Man is tridimensional (physical, mental, and spiritual). I deal with the complete person. This is the only way to have complete success.”


Zig Ziglar





We can’t just deal with people from one viewpoint. We all have such important, varied qualities about us.  And that’s changing moment by moment and needs to be honored moment by moment. Who the person is holistically, when honored, brings the greatest benefit to your relationship, your environment, your work, your home.





In addition, Zig was known as one of the most positive, joyful people.   He wanted to celebrate people; celebrate them for who they are.   And so he also celebrated life for who he is: A positive family man;  a father and grandfather; a leader; a kind person; a doer of good; a prolific speaker; an engaging writer; and an encourager of others. That’s the holistic Zig Ziglar.    





Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar was a motivational speaker, emphasizing Christian values and achieving success in all areas of life. He was the author of nine books, including See You at the Top and Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World. In 2001, Ziglar was awarded the Cavett Award by The National Speakers Association for bringing honor to the profession and showing commitment to mentoring other members. He passed away November 2012, after his 40-year speaking career that brought him to consult for Fortune 500 companies and leaders around the world. He was married to Jean Ziglar and they had four children and seven grandchildren.

The Classic Pamela Positive: “You’re Not Going To Have Control Over The Next Wave… So Face The Waves, Try To Catch One.” – Amy Poehler


The wave is coming no matter what… try to catch one and ride it.

“The sooner you realize that everything changes—that the things that happen to you are not you and that everything will be different all the time and you have such little control over the next wave, then you’ll just kind of stay in the moment, find your gravity, and be open to what’s coming. Just don’t turn your back on the wave—it’s coming no matter what; you can’t hide from it. So face the waves, try to catch one [and] ride it.”

–       Amy Poehler, actress, writer, co-founder of Smart Girls

Here’s a prolific comedian who helps us laugh every day. Through Parks & Recreation, she has more than 4.2 million viewers.1 With her funny and grounding character of Leslie Knope, she brings lightness, humor, and human pathos to us.

She’s also gone through challenges. She has two young sons and she’s divorced from her husband. It wasn’t in her plan; perhaps, this is one of the waves she is speaking about.


holger-link-707884-unsplash (1).jpg


She knows from life experience that you can’t control the next wave that’s coming to you. You have to stay in the moment. You have to ride it.


You have to be grounded even when you don’t know what the wave is going to do.   You don’t know whether you’re able to body surf……






or if you’re going to be pummeled…






or if you’re going to be to safely and beautifully ride through tunnel.






Either way, we can’t hide from it.  Face the wave and try to enjoy what it teaches you. It will make you a better person.


I’m looking forward to my waves,








Amy Poehler is an actress, comedian, and producer. She was born in Newton, Massachusetts and raised in Burlington, Massachusetts. Her parents were both teachers and she has one younger brother who is also an actor and producer. She attended Boston College, where she received her B.A. in media and communications. After college, she moved to Chicago where she would study improv comedy. She joined Saturday Night Live in 2001, where she would be the first woman to be promoted from featured guest to full cast member. After leaving SNL in 2008 to have her child, she would lead a new series, Parks and Recreation. For her role as Leslie Knope, she received numerous Emmy nominations for her role and help in writing many episodes. In 2014, she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series. She is an executive producer for the comedy series Broad City and Difficult People. In 2016, she won an Emmy Award for outstanding guest actress on SNL.



1 Patten, Dominic, “ ‘Parks & Recreation’ Ratings Soar in Series Finale, ‘MasterChef Jr.’  & ‘Agent carter’ Finales Steady”, February 25, 2015, Deadline
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The Classic Pamela Positive: “We Are Going To Get Through This”- Sheryl Sandberg


We are not going to say, “You are going to get through this”


We are going to get through this.”


“I learned the power of the word ‘we.’ Not saying to people, ‘You are going to get through this,’ but ‘We are going to get through this.’ That is such a different message, because it makes people feel less alone, and all of these forms of hardship, it’s not just the hardship itself but the isolation that comes with it. ‘We’ changes that.”


–       Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, author, activist


What a beautiful quote from Sheryl Sandberg, who knows that hardships can’t be faced by themselves.






People face tough events, such as Sheryl Sandberg, and losing her spouse and partner.  But other people face hardships in a different way.1 Did you know that more than 72% of the population is lonely? This is leading to an epidemic of people having psychological problems and breakdowns by not having the bonds of community, love, and feeling cherished.






All of us need to know that when we are facing a changing time, that we have someone by our side.


priscilla-du-preez-972638-unsplash (1).jpg



There’s someone to hold our hand.


desiree-fawn-68030-unsplash (1).jpg


You might be going through anxiety that makes your heart race and feel as if it’s going 20,000 beats per minute. Your husband might have just asked you for divorce. Your precious pet needs to get an operation. Or your son didn’t get into the elementary school that you’d hoped. Some of these may be major crises and some of these are “softer” crises, but they’re all things where we need a shoulder to shoulder approach.

Whose side can you stand by today?

Is there someone in your life who’s going through something that needs your help? Don’t let them go through it alone. Remember that we are going get through thisnot you are going to get through this.


Let’s do this together,






sandberg 1 (1)



Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and founder women’s empowerment organization Lean In Foundation. She was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in North Miami Beach, Florida. She was an exceptional student in high school, graduating top ten of her class and then went on to Harvard College. She studied economics at Harvard and graduated summa cum laude. She also received the John H. Williams Prize for top graduating student in economics. She would later attend Harvard Business School as well. Before moving to Facebook, Sandberg was vice president of global online sales and operations at Google, where she would help launch Google’s philanthropy program. In 2009, she was named one of the 25 most influential people on the web byBusiness Week. On their list of top 100 most powerful women in the world, Forbes has listed her as ninth in 2014 and fourth in 2017. She is a widow and she has two children.



1 Lunardi, Stefano, “Feeling lonely? So are a lot of other people, survey finds”, CBS News, October 12, 2016,
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