The Classic Pamela Positive: Let Someone In


I really love being truthful about my self-growth. Recently, I have been trying to work on my driving.

I don’t mean on not cutting people off or not being rude on the road. I meant that extra sense of courteousness and kindness.

In Silicon Valley, the traffic has increased by 80% in the last 8 years.¹ We’re all rushing around to get places. It used to take me 40 minutes from San Francisco to get to my parents’ home but now it can take upwards to 1 hour and 40 minutes. Well, my goal is to be a contrarian. I want to be the person who “lets someone in”.


Golden Gate Bridge, New York


I have to admit, and I’m embarrassed, it’s been hard for me to let someone in.

Sometimes, I forget.

Sometimes, I’m in a rush.


time lapse photography of cars passing on road


Sometimes, I don’t “feel like it”.

That’s probably the most embarrassing of all: You don’t feel like helping someone?


woman reaching hand above water during daytime photo


Well, there are ways to change our thinking.

One of the things that’s helped me is to imagine someone I really respect being in that car. We only see tail lights or a bumper; we don’t see the person. What if your mom was in there? What if Jesus was in there? What if Buddha was in there? What if Mister Rogers was in there? What if Mother Teresa was in there?

Would that make a difference?


Image result for [image: danis-lou-361403-unsplash.jpg]


I have to say it would.

So I’m just writing this to help encourage myself on an area I need to work on: Let People In.



Once I master this, my new goal will be to let two people in. And I will make it a habit. I believe this will build my character; I will believe it will help the world, and I believe… I will still be on time.


cars on bridge


When you do the right thing, the right thing always happens.

I’m Trying To Drive With Courtesy,



Citation: ¹Baldassari, Erin, “Traffic on major Bay Area freeways has grown 80 percent since 2010”, Mercury News, published on September 18, 2017,
Fig¹.Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash  Fig².Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash  Fig³.Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash  Fig⁴.Photo by Danis Lou on Unsplash  Fig⁵.Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash  Fig⁶.Photo by Matthew Ronder-Seid on Unsplash

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