A Letter To My Son…Who’s Not Working (Part 1 of 5)

Letter 1 of 5

This is a five-part series of letters from a loving parent to a son. The letters demonstrate how parents can love and support their children during transitional periods. As young adults build their own identity and search for employment, a parent’s kind words can assist them in their journey.

Dear Son,

I’ve known you for quite some time. Ever since you were born, I fell right in love with you. So for the last 23 years, I have been watching you closely and I’ll continue to watch and love you closely. I will always be here for you.

Recently, I know you have struggled to finish college, and perhaps, to find what you love to do.  We all go through struggles in finding our right purpose in life. It’s pretty important–it allows us to fully realize who we are as an individual, provide for our families and hopefully, give back to the world. Everyone can do this simply by being a kind and nice professional in their job.

I’ve seen you do this. I was so impressed that one summer when you organized your own schedule and were on time for all your daily shifts. I was so proud of you getting up at 6 am and going to the pool cleaning service. I looked at you and saw a self-motivated, committed and dedicated young man. That’s my son.

Click here for the next letter in this five part series.


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