Your Employee is Overwhelmed: Strategy #4

Have you ever wondered how a CEO approaches this problem? Here is the final strategy CEO Pamela Hawley recommends.

Strategy #4: Bring In More Support

Here’s a final option. Recently we had a situation where a stellar team member was bumping through 4 to 6 major documents a week. They were doing an amazing job. But their life circumstances changed, and they had to reduce their hours. As a company, we needed to get these documents done. We brought in more support by a former team member and had her take over some of the projects. We completed the work, and provided greater balance for both team members. ********** We all want things done quickly. But overloading does not lead to success. If you hired the right people, they’re working hard. They should be saying “I can do this successfully and I’m a strong contributor.” That’s the kind of culture you want.

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