Your Employee is Overwhelmed: Strategy #3

Have you ever wondered how a CEO approaches this problem? Here is the third of four strategies CEO Pamela Hawley recommends. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final strategy!

Strategy #3: Hold Off

No one likes to have a crazy to-do list staring at them every day. As a manager, you must help create a balance for your employees that provides them the time necessary to complete their tasks. Allow them the satisfaction of accomplishing a task, rather than rushing frantically to the next “to do.” You might have a lot more for them to do, but hold off! Will this work for your go-getter culture? It has to. What we’re dealing with here is long-term employee satisfaction and retention. If they’re not happy, other team members will hear about it, lowering group morale. Or they might leave, a costly alternative. In essence, allow your employees to work hard, and be balanced. Otherwise you’re putting a significant dent into your company culture.

Read Pamela’s first two strategies…Strategy #1Strategy #2 and Strategy #4




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