We’re Going in Different Directions: No, We’re Not

One morning as I was leaving for work, my mom and I had a very special interchange.

We live in Menlo Park, and I was headed north to San Francisco.  My parents were headed south to Carmel for a bit of rest.  “Have a great day, Mom!  Thank you for having me… and now we’re going in different directions!”

“No, we’re not,” she said immediately.

I knew exactly what she meant.  Our minds and hearts are going in the same direction. She’s taught me to be loving and kind. To follow my heart, and to do what I love to do. And to live rightly. And that is what she does with her life.  She is so consistently, joyously serving others.  I’ve never seen a better model of this.

And so, as we parted that morning, we went in the same direction.


2 thoughts on “We’re Going in Different Directions: No, We’re Not

  1. SM Gabriel

    You remind me of having said something similar to my father as a teenager during the time of the Vietnam war…that I was grateful to him, even though our beliefs were so different. He seemed taken aback. “I don’t think they’re so different,” he said. It surprised me and made me reflect. I learned my values from my parents…and while our opinions might have differed, our deepest values were the same. It’s so easy to see difference – and good to be reminded of the connections that run, often quietly, beneath them.


    1. Pamela Hawley Post author

      Thank you, Gabriel! It takes thoughtfulness… a pause… to just be grateful for all we share with someone. It takes patience to see it sometimes. And when we do, it’s worth it!




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