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Reverse Trick-Or-Treating


We all know Halloween is around the corner. No, not because of the multi-colored leaves, the smell of firewood, or the calendar on the kitchen fridge, but because every time we walk into the grocery store, our eyes are overwhelmed with visions of fat, round pumpkins, fake spiders and ghosts, and shelves stocked full of Kit-Kats, Snickers, and Swedish Fish. According to the History Channel, this now secular and commercial holiday originated from the ideas of giving to the poor, dressing up in costumes to trick “ghosts” who were believed to have come back from the dead, and honoring the deceased. Today, many kids don’t understand the joy of giving candy and are instead only focused on taking. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten that the holiday was based on giving to others. We have somehow started to feel entitled to candy! And there’s nothing wrong with candy. But is there another lesson we can emphasize? This year, UniversalGiving wants you to consider this question:

What would Halloween look like if you gave instead of took?

This question aligns with the new movement called “Reverse Trick-or-Treating.” In this article from Disney’s Babble, the writer explains that this event entails going around from house to house and giving candy to people in the houses instead of taking their candy (see original idea here)UniversalGiving wants to expand on this concept to include other events that save you money and a trip to the dentist for all those candy cavities!

Here is a quick list that we put together to help you get started with ideas:

  1. Give someone a call to ask how they’re doing
  2. Give advice to a friend in need
  3. Give time volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping to cook a hot meal
  4. Give help to a younger sibling with homework or give them an hour of your time to play their favorite board game
  5. Give a donation all of those clothes that you don’t wear anymore to GoodWill
  6. Give someone random a high-five, a hug, or a smile


When we use a wider approach to giving and brainstorm all the ways we can give, the list is endless. Instead of a picture of your most creative costume, we challenge you to send us your most creative giving idea for this Halloween season! Remember to tag @UniversalGiving and use the #reversetrickortreating to get your post noticed. Happy Giving!

Why We Are Celebrating Military Coups

This week, I read in the news that military coups were most exuberant in the 1960s. Did you know that, back then, over 10 happened every year all over the world?




But in this millennium, there are less than 5 coups a year. I’m so grateful for more stable governments…this allows people to live peaceful, productive lives.

Today we celebrate that there are more harmonious governments, all over our world.

The Classic Pamela Positive: Leaders to Inspire Us: Frances Hesselbein

As a woman social entrepreneur myself, I find it exciting to see the strong women working in the nonprofit sector. There are so many inspiring stories. One of my favorites is Frances Hesselbein. She was a mentee of Peter Drucker. This 90-something year old leader is still going strong, speaking internationally, and helping women leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. She has written two very insightful books geared towards both non-profit/for-profit leaders: The Leader of the Future and On Mission and Leadership: A Leader to Leader Guide.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Miss Hesselbein in New York; she has already had a profound influence on me and my desire to become a leader. With leaders like Frances to inspire us, it’s exciting to think what can be accomplished in the future.

Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: “There is a place for every star, and they all blend together.”


There is a place for every star, and they all blend together.

–Alexandra Hawley
This is a lovely quote from my mom, which was simply a part of an email to me.  I love the analogy of stars, for they all shine, and all uniquely so; each one has its enduring place.  The light of each star is its unique, special contribution to this world.

Here is where the star power comes in. With each star’s combined light, we create a greater luminescence which brightens everyone’s experience, and therefore the world.

Thank you, Mom, for seeing the star in everyone!

The Classic Pamela Positive: Tell Your Team They Are Great and DON’T Give Them Anything To Do


One of the most powerful things you can do to recognize someone on your team is to call them, thank them and say “You’re doing a wonderful job today, and I wanted to thank you. That’s it. I just wanted you to know, and for you to take the time to recognize it. Please know how much I appreciate your consistent work and positive attitude.”  Do not add on a ‘to do.’ I know that’s tempting, for we as CEOs have a lot we want to accomplish!  But just let the conversation rest in genuine appreciation. It’s one of the best ways you can thank someone — without agenda.