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The Pamela Positive: How To Attain The Big H” (Happiness) Once Again


Our culture is getting better. We are increasingly aware that money, homes, cars, jewelry, multiple choices of cereal and designer goods do not bring us happiness.  Or, it might be fleeting but not lasting happiness.


So how do we create and maintain “The Big H”?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s wise counsel was in one word: friendship.

It is our friendships, our sincere connections to people, which bring meaning, joy, and yes, “The Big H,” into our lives.

Said Mrs. Browning, the poet, to Charles Kingsley, the writer; “What is the secret of your happiness? Tell me, that I may enjoy the same.” Thinking a moment, the kindly old man replied, “I have a friend.”


Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a popular poet of the Victorian era.  Her best-known poem opens “How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways,” written to her husband, the poet Robert Browning.  Charles Kingsley was a clergyman, professor and writer, author of the children’s classic, The Water-Babies.

How Do You De-stress?

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 8.04.47 PM.png


To answer the question “How do you de-stress?”, I’m going to use an excerpt from my soon-to-be-published Forbes article (I’ll post the full article when it’s out). When thinking about mindfulness and de-stressing techniques, I always turn to improv (the picture above is of me and Dave Collins performing for our show “Jackson Soup”). Happy reading!


“In my case, I adore improv. I find it thrilling to explore different characters, and be someone I’ve never been, nor ever will be, in real life. It also increases my listening skills and allows me to connect with others on stage. This helps me be a better and diverse communicator at work, adjusting to different people’s styles. On the stage, you have to react, to make a decision. Similarly, if you want to be CEO, you’ll have to improvise and respond under pressure. Improv requires individuals to collaborate with one another, to let go of their judgment, and to become better listeners.”

When A Child Doesn’t Cry

“Within minutes of being posted by witnesses and journalists, a photograph and a video of Omran began rocketing around the world on social media. Unwittingly, Omran — like Alan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler who drowned last September and whose body washed up on a Turkish beach — is bringing new attention to the thousands upon thousands of children killed and injured during five years of war and the inability or unwillingness of global powers to stop the carnage.” ~ New York Times

…When a Child Doesn’t Cry.

That is a devastating statement.

Here is Omran, a young child who was playing.  Then the bombs came. Suddenly he is alone; he is covered in soot and blood.

His childhood just died.

Children like this don’t cry. The reason why is that no one responds.   They don’t have a loving parent or guardian.

Perhaps they were killed.
They might be missing.
We just don’t know. 

If you don’t have someone to take care of you, why cry?

Omran Daqneesh.jpg

We have to stop this. Young children like Omran deserve to be loved, responded to, safe. They deserve to play. They deserve to grow up and to have a childhood.

Stop war today. You can be the critical part to do so. By donating to our partner organization Let Kids Be Kids, Inc., you can help those who have been affected by war torn areas. Be a part of the solution and Give Your 100%™.

Nonprofits Are Messy With Joan Garry

Earlier this September, I was given an opportunity to talk with Joan Garry about the benefits of volunteering. If you find this episode helpful, insightful, or provocative, let us know by commenting below!




Cherishing Live Animals

Animal rights activists are absolutely thrilled. There’s a huge trend facing our world which is wiping out live animals in the circus. Instead of looking at animals as a novelty or as a fun event for the family, countries and city councils across the world are realizing that it’s not healthy. These animals should either be in the wild or in their natural habitat. The Devlin city councils and Ireland feel so strongly about this that they ban live animals and many future circuses.


Animals have just as much of spirit and heart as humans do. We can’t just put them in cages, and justify that they are being cared for and fed. They are separated from their families and they aren’t living the life they were meant to by being out in the natural. They might be tame but they certainly are not living.




Support an animal right today. If you believe in human rights, then you believe in animal rights. Here’s a way you can give to help an animal today. Support our partner Osa Conservation! Focused on protecting the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, this organization concentrates on all aspects of this biome, from sea life to the land. Click here to learn more about them!