The Importance of A Conversation

It’s just a conversation.

You’re just chatting.

You’re at a sports event and you’re catching up, in line at the grocery store, after church, or at your child’s gymnastic event. It’s talk. It’s casual, it’s no big deal.

Or is it?

Each conversation can be a treasure–or a dumpster. What you say can uplift someone, or it can drag them down.

Your tone can affect them. If you’re down they might feel it. They might go home to dinner, and focus on a low mood rather than the great presentation they had that day.


If you’re positive, you’ll lead them to a more peaceful state of mind. If your topics are about joy, they’ll likely be more joyous. It’s that simple.

How you affect them affects how they treat the next person they encounter. Every conversation is part of a chain for good, stress, joy, or negativity.


Are you stressed? It wont draw more people on to you. Are you positive? Then you can be grateful for the wonderful partnership you have, and expand it.


It’s not just chatter. Every conversation leads to something. Make it for good! 






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