Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year

Some of You Might Not Want to Vote This Year.   I understand. It’s not an easy landscape and can be daunting. Sometimes the people we want leading the country, won’t run. The candidates we want to stay in, drop out.   Or sometimes the candidates we like, change their views.
I’m hearing some people murmur, “I don’t even want to vote.”  iran-elections-ppl-voting.jpg
But we can’t take it for granted.
The Iranian women don’t.
In a landmark election, Iranians chose between President Hassan Rouhani, or other Iranian politicos tougher on the U.S. and the West.   This would determine the tone of Iranian leadership to come within the country.
55 million people in Iran are eligible to vote.
Women lined up around the polling site, nearly 80 miles south of the capitol.
And there was a 73% turnout rate.
The Iranian people care about their future.  So should we. Register to vote. And if you think you might be gone traveling, please get an absentee ballot. I do that just so I can stay on top of it.
Please don’t take it for granted…you have a voice. Please use it.  We have a freedom we should not dismiss.

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