Classic Pamela Positive: Live With Expectancy


You can either say no… or you can say yes… Life is that simple. 

In life, we have a choice. You can either start with what isn’t working or focus on what is.

You can expect the day is going to be good or be fearful that it won’t.

You can look for the good in someone, or be annoyed by their comments.

You can look to the past and feel down about your career, or you can expect a new job, a new position, a new horizon that’s coming.

You can be upset that you’re waiting in the grocery line for 30 minutes, or you can meet a new friend.

You can be sour about a business deal that went wrong, or you can be grateful you were saved from it.

You can be disappointed by our President, or you can find something positive he’s done for the world.

You can be scared about the terrorists, or be grateful that we’re no longer in the Cold War.

You can feel down about the gray and rain, or you can be grateful about the replenishment of the earth and a cool day.

Life is all about expectancy.

What are you expecting?


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