“God and the Angels Are With Us Every Little Step Of the Way” – Terry Lynn Taylor

“Healing means we have found a quiet joy in knowing that God and the angels are with us every little step of the way, even and especially when we don’t feel their nearness”
– Terry Lynn Taylor


How powerful to know angels truly are with us. We know they are a loving presence. Angels are always with us because they are positive thoughts. They are a loving conscience, a true friend. They want the best for you, and for everyone.

We never go wrong when we follow our angels. When we feel troubled, let’s listen. For the angel thought of inspiration is always there.


Terry Lynn Taylor is an author who established herself as the first lady of angel books.  In 1985, while on hiatus from work on her master’s degree in counseling, she became seriously interested in angels.  When she could not find a book to help attract the angels into her life, she decided to write one herself: Messengers of Light.  Since then, she wrote eight more books, appeared on television shows such as The Leeza Show and 2 NBC Prime Time Specials, and featured in publications including People and Ladies’ Home Journal.  She publishes her own newsletter with a circulation of 2,000, gives angel “playshops.” She currently lives in Pomona, California.

Bio source: Hay House – Author Biography: Terry Lynn Taylor

Quote source: Angel Days

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