Classic Pamela Positive: A Common Mistake is For Someone to Believe That They Can Love, but at the Same Time Have a Grudge. They Fool Themselves.

“A common mistake is for someone to believe that they can love God but at the same time have a grudge, resentment or ill will towards some fellow men. They fool themselves.

Christian Science Sentinel

Love is pure.


Love loves, and must do so as a flowing current…


If you have resentment, it obstructs the river.


If you have ill will, you can even stop the river.


So go heal yourself now.

Not someone else. Yourself.

You can’t change anyone else, and you can’t change the past. Neither of those are roles given to you by God, nature or any other power.

So stop taking responsibility for judging someone else. No one asked you to be the judge.

Instead, heal your own mind. Release the past, release this individual, and you will be free. And your heart will heal, be filled and flow.

And the river flows lovingly on….



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