“Una Sonrisa Significa Mucho” – A Smile Means A Lot


“Una sonrisa significa mucho. Enriquece a quien la recibe; sin empobrecer a quien la ofrece. Dura un segundo pero su recuerdo, a veces, nunca se borra.” -Anónimo


This means:

A smile means a lot. It enriches whoever receives it without impoverishing whoever offers it. It lasts a second, but the memory of it sometimes is never erased. 

 *          *         *

Studies have shown that simply smiling can reduce the intensity of our body’s response to stress.

We are so accustomed to smiling only when we are happy that it is actually possible to gain some psychological relief by holding a smile for just a few moments!

Being the recipient of a friendly smile – even from a stranger – can have the same effect.

Smiling is often “contagious” and is one of the easiest ways to spread positivity as you walk down the street, or to change the mood in a meeting.



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