A Pyramid of Needs

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.50.35 PM

“We tolerate extraordinary disconnects in our own lives, even in areas we plainly have the power to influence. We take too little responsibility for addressing our core needs, and we dissipate too much energy in blame, complaint and finger-pointing.

We fail to take care of ourselves even though the consequence is that we end up undermining our health, happiness and productivity.

We don’t spend enough time–truly engaged time–with those we say we love most and who love us most, even though we feel guilty when we don’t and return to work more energized when we do.

We find ourselves getting frustrated, irritable and anxious as the pressures rise, even though we instinctively recognize that negative emotions interfere with clear thinking and good decision making and demoralize those we lead anad manage.

We allow ourselves to be distracted by email and trivial tasks rather than focusing single-mindedly on our most high-leverage priorities and devoting sacrosanct time to thinking creatively, strategically and long term.

We are so busy getting things done that we don’t stop very often to consider what it is we really want or where to invest our time and energy to achieve those goals.”


Quote and Pyramid from “Be Excellent at Anything”
by Tony Schwartz, with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy


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