How Armenians Sprinkle Love, and Protect It – We Should Do the Same


Continuing our theme on Armenian Culture, the Transfiguration features several active and protective gods.

“According to legend, the goddess Astghik spread love through the Armenian land by sprinkling rosy water and presenting roses. The god Vahagn kept and protected that love, constantly fighting against evil. This feast was performed after the adoption of Christianity.”

May we all think about how we can Sprinkle Roses and Refreshing Water, and Protect that Love in our daily lives.


More Background:
The Transfiguration (Vardavar: The Feast of Water)
Religious Holiday
Observed on July 19

In the traditional Armenian range of holidays, the Transfiguration is the major summer holiday and is celebrated 14 weeks after Easter. In pre-Christian Armenia this holiday was associated with the pagan goddess Anahit, to whose heathen temple the young and the old went on pilgrimage. The word Vardavar has two meanings: “the flaming of the rose and “to sprinkle with water.  On Vardavar in modern times, everybody pours water on one another, starting in the early morning; no one is allowed to feel offended or displeased by mischief on that day.

Source: Armenia Information 


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