The Pamela Positive: What is FEAR? False Expectations Appearing Real

False Expectations Appearing Real. That’s all fear is. We make it into a big bear of a challenge, a dark cloud, or the most important thoughts in our lives…

…When often our best way forward is of hope and positive expectations. That’s what’s real, true, enduring.

What do we expect?

Do we hope, strive for and live in a way that will make these hopes come true?  Or do we kow-tow to concern? Do we let being afraid be our ruler?

Check your expectations every day… Check in with your mind and heart at a moment when you seem to experience a false expectation, which is trying to make itself real. Try not to let it rule your life…and instead replace it with something for which you are grateful; some expression of love for a family member, friend or beloved pet, which is based on love, and truth.

…or for the simple, sincere appreciation of a beautiful flower or the greenest grass…

…a floating light cloud… or the warm brilliance of the sun.

Don’t let false expectations be your leader. It is truth and love which are your guides, which overwhelm and overflow your receptive thought.


The FEAR acronym is from Alicia Morga’s “Twenty things I’ve Learned As An Entrepreneur” 


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