Is What is in My Thought True? What Does He Say.


Is What is in My Thought True? What Does He Say. May 19, 2015

Today I had a beautiful day. A good day with the team, I got to speak with my sister and I had a date! I love what I do and I also got to talk with my day. Always a favorite. 😃

When I got home, I thanked God for my home. Always good to walk into your home and just be so very, very thankful.

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten into marathon training.

Of my mind.

If a complaint about my life, or feeling down happens

And is presented to thought – (not accepted, not in my thought – but presented)

I listen for God.

What does He say?

It’s very powerful. It’s increasingly easier… and I have a great model: My beloved mom.

Pamela and parents

It prevents me from opening up verbally on

Every night I sit in front of my little space heater, “Kona.” Yay!! Mini Hawaii! And I have a little “Listening” with God. Not a little chat with God, a little Listening. I love my special God.

Tonight a thought presented itself,

“Father, I don’t like the choices I’ve made re [  ]. What could I have done?”

And immediately I heard

I helped you make those choices.

Tuesday Night May 19 2015 9:52 pm
Hang on sweetheart


One thought on “Is What is in My Thought True? What Does He Say.

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