“Be obsessed” – Pat Riley, former basketball coach and current President of the Miami Heat


“To have a long-term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way.” -Pat Riley

Get sincerely obsessed. If you want to to be successful, you are gently but forcefully in love with what you do.

A great writer? Commit daily and with passion.

A superb pianist? Study scales and rehearse with sincerity.

A great social entrepreneur? Launch it!

An amazing mom? Take sincere care and do your best every day…

Be committed and focused on serving with your best self. Be obsessed… and with joy!


Pat Riley participated in both basketball and football, playing professionally for both. He comes from a family of athletes, his father, Leon “Lee” Riley was a professional baseball player. Lee played for the Philadelphia Blue Jays in 1994 and went on to become a manager for the Blue Jays organization in the minor leagues. When Pat was in college, he was named First Team All-SEC, All-NCAA Tournament Team, NCAA Regional Player of the Year, SEC Player of the Year & AP Third Team All-American. He later began coaching basketball which earned him three “Coach of the Year” titles, once with the New York Knicks and before that while coaching the LA Lakers, he also won when he coached the Miami Heat. (Bio Source: Riley)


One thought on ““Be obsessed” – Pat Riley, former basketball coach and current President of the Miami Heat

  1. samuel teryima faasema

    the bible says that the race is not for the swift nor battle for the strong but time and chance happen to all of them.eccl.9;11.
    iam very sincere in all that i say and do and to love means relationship especially ours that is going to yield for me to be accomplish my desires what should i lie?
    i also have enough time to do it right but there is adage that rome was not built in one day and most of the things that have to do with the project requires cash for successful implementation.that is just my yardstick.
    on the other hand a new government is swearing in tommorrow and from a useful information the focusing on agriculture and solid minerals to enable him create job opportunity for nigerians.
    so the enterprise i want to venture will be useful.were have i gone wrong and what do you think i should do?



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