Oprah and Dairy Queen Speak: “Don’t Get Out Of Order With Yourself


What a privilege for many Stanford students and Palo Alto go-getters to hear Oprah at Stanford. She came to speak to the students and what an inspiration it was!

Oprah relayed many personal stories of challenge and triumph; one of them was a special favorite. In her Academy Award winning role in The Color Purple as the character Sofia, she went through a perilous audition. To even go for this acting role seemed like a stretch for her; she was very nervous (auditioning for Steven Spielberg no less).

For days she did not hear a response.

We all know what that feels like! The job interview, school application, health report, even prayer (although I would say prayer is always “pre-answered” 😃

Oprah figured she had lost the role — she wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, good enough.

Then she received a “Yes” call from Spielberg.


She immediately went to one place, she says – the Dairy Queen.


Oprah relates her thought process had spiraled down. She began to doubt herself tremendously. She should have exercised more, dieted, taken more classes, played a more “typical actress.” She chastised herself for having lost the role.

And it wasn’t even true.

Spielberg loved her.

And Spielberg loved her for her.


Oprah’s inspiration to the Stanford students and Palo Alto visitors drives home a point: We must be ourselves:

“It’s hard to make a mistake you can’t recover from but what you want to do is to take the most direct path to the heart of who you are… (or you will) end up miserable, weary, sad, depressed, and out of order with yourself.”

Obviously the audience was wowed too:

“It was nice to be reminded to be your best self.”Caroline Slack, Google Team Member


We’re here in this life for a reason. It is to be ourselves, and to be our best selves. Be yourself, enjoy being yourself and you will live in a way that benefits everyone around you.

If you feel out of order, here’s the way:

Love, love, love! Be it, live it, and that’s your success for today.


Oprah Winfrey is best known for hosting her own internationally popular talk show from 1986 to 2011. She is also an actress, philanthropist, publisher, and producer.  Because of her grandmother’s values, Oprah had religion and God instilled in herself at a young age. Oprah also learned how to read and write before the age of three through the encouragement of her grandmother. During church she would recite poems and verses from the Bible, she was nicknamed “The Little Speaker” by the church community. 
“The Little Speaker” would soon be prompted to become a woman with a strong perspective, where millions across the world would want her insight. Oprah became the talk show host on a morning talk show called, “People Are Talking”. Immediately after the first show Oprah knew this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  On September 8, 1986, The Oprah Winfrey Show was first broadcast nationally. The show first targeted women; however soon due to controversial topics Oprah brought on to the show it appealed to people of all genders, ethics, and ages. Oprah promoted many things on her show such as books and movie releases, on which people were eager to know what her opinions were. Oprah helped broaden not just a woman’s point of view and significance, but helped realize that every human has an importance in this world. Oprah Winfrey will forever be remembered as an innovator through the landmarks she made, becoming the first African American to host a television show. Oprah will be seen as an icon of someone who paved the way for others to become successful. (Source)

Photos courtesy of Shelf Awareness, Dairy Queen, E! Online, Roger Ebert


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