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Come Promisingly Me

496500_17955004Call me I answer in tones you do not recognize
My focus is sharp though distraction may reign
it is Known, be believed; no further strenuous chastise
the intangible simply, come promisingly to gain Continue reading

It Was the Swinging of the Branches…

maryland_columbia_columbiamd_695293_h This is a special piece I wrote when I was visiting my parents’ home. It was during a very tender time as I was going through my mid-life crisis at age 25. Here, I was waking up and saw the trees outside my bedroom window… I rested and reviewed my heart, my values, and what I value. And as I prayed I cleared my heart, bring so much peace… I hope you enjoy, “It was the swinging of the branches…” Continue reading

The Privilege Time

addtext_com_MTY0NzUyMTU4NDk5When I think about the times, beautiful passages, I have been able to share with my parents. I remember outside dinners on the patio, with the sound of sprinklers jetting quietly and uniformly across the lawn. The trees stand tall, straight, gentle. I look up at them; they are my childhood trees. I played in them, I prayed to them, I thought they were a symbol of surety, peace, strength. And I look back at my parents as we eat dinner, sharing, discussing, laughing, and with sometimes silent spaces… and to the trees again. Still strong; so are we.

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