The Classic Pamela Positive: Winning Over Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles Message Series

Not today, not today. There is nothing that can keep me from loving myself and loving others through this challenge given today. For there are many blessings, much more, much above, the seeming cloud in front of you.

Step through the mist of the cloud.

And realize all the great goodness around you!


Is it a shining sun? Some people live with polluted skies…

Is it a beloved family member? Several? Fortune are you.

Do you have a home? Wonderful!

Can you sleep at night? Some people only hear war outside their window…

Can you see? What a vision of color you embrace! Some people do not know of rainbows after rain.

And on… and on… and on… the beauty of life is here, there, everywhere, then, now… and How!


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