YCore: A Team That Takes Action

rsz_unnamedYCore is a new model of millennial volunteering which empowers passionate young people to affect social change in their local communities. A philanthropy program created for millennials, by millennials, YCore makes it engaging and rewarding for millennials to give back in a way that creates real change in their local communities

Pamela Hawley is a mentor for this amazing group of young people, and today we’re sharing a message she recently sent to the team…

Dear YCore Team!

What a joy to know you exist. I am so very grateful to see this burgeoning group of millennials take the world by storm.

And that you will. Your heart, ideas, and talents can be used for the good, now.  As opposed to other generations, you will not wait…

I was attracted to YCore because you are serious about making a difference. There are some people that volunteer, and that is lovely. Yet YCore will remake a tutoring system, create an app for wasted food from restaurants, or revolutionize how composting takes place.  YCore is all about impact.  Your goal is to use your unique skills to help others — and see your efforts scale.

At the same time, effective philanthropy takes humility.  One must always listen. Listening is the key to learning, and making the greatest difference you can make.

Listen to your mentors, to the people who you are serving, and to each other. From this, pool your ideas, and with deep sincerity of heart, begin to give. As you continue to listen you will learn how to adjust: Don’t just do the same thing; make the way you give, different.

At YCore, treasure your community.  All of you are chosen because you want to be committed philanthropists. That is a life-long endeavor — and good for you for starting now.  Bond together, learn, grow, and share your “oops!” as well as your “ah ha’s!” Celebrate success, and humbly embrace lessons learned.

Finally, to be a great philanthropist, you have to love people.  Philanthropy is the “love of humankind.”  No matter how smart you are, no matter what the great idea is — you must always deliver it with heart.  People listen to those who have a deep kindness, not just a great idea.

I expect great things from YCore, and look forward to supporting you on your journey. I am already cheering you on the way!

With Greatest Regards,

Founder and CEO, UniversalGiving
Co-founder, VolunteerMatch



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