Wise Advice for Silicon Valley: “What the World Really Needs Is More Love and Less Paper Work” – Pearl Bailey

mother-429158_640“What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.” – Pearl Bailey

This popular singer from the 1930s has some wise advice for Silicon Valley. Even from decades ago, her admonition holds true.

Letting relationships rule the day, and how we treat other people.

Making caring partnerships a priority in our workday.

Slowing down and appreciating a stranger as the goal of each day.

Spending time with those you love….rather than that extra hour at work, that extra hour to get your to-do list done.


What can you do today to do push one less piece of paper, answer one less email, or make one less “like” on Facebook? And replace it with…

Your Presence.

grandmother-453131_640Pearl Bailey performed as an actress in movies, TV and on Broadway, but thought of herself solely as a singer. Her career started in 1933, when she won an amateur song and dance competition in Philadelphia at the age of 15. She was best known for her performance in the all black cast of Hello, Dolly! Bailey’s dedication to service, love of life, and sense of humor made her beloved around the world and led to her manager describing her as “the mother of the world.”


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