What Do You Do When You Are Waiting? – John Ortberg

waiting-410328_640These were my notes from a recent talk by prolific author, John Ortberg. I hope you enjoy.

Continue to Wait!

Love, Pammie  Live and Give.


JohnOrtbergJohn Ortberg

Psalm 13:1-2

What do you do when you are waiting?

Waiting to get our bags from the luggage carousel
Waiting at a red light that won’t change
Waiting to get into school
Waiting for relief from a difficult marriage

Waiting for marriage
For kids
For a job
For meaningful work
For peace in your family

Waiting to hear an answer

And the biggest danger is we give up. And we stop waiting. And we stop being faithful to The Lord.

And we take matters into our own hands.

Genesis 16

Sarai got tired. She waited and waited for kids … Then got frustrated. She took matters into her own hands.

She asked her husband to sleep with her maid Hagar! Then when Hagar started being cruel, Sarai blamed Abraham. And then banished Hagar.


When you are waiting…

Would a person of:
-Good character
-Deep faith
-Great wisdom

Do this?


John Ortberg is the senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC). John’s teaching centers around how faith in Christ can impact our everyday lives with God. He has written books on spiritual formation including, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Know Doubt, The Me I Want To Be, and most recently, Who is This Man?. John teaches around the world at conferences and churches.  John is married to Nancy Ortberg, and they have three grown children.

Bio and photo of John courtesy of JohnOrtberg.com

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