Can You Whizz By in the Developing World?

The body purges the mind…. To walk in the world’s poorer countries is to enter the orbit of their inhabitants.  An attachment to the earth – to the vital soil or rock underfoot…..

We race around in planes, cars and turbo jets. If it’s not that, it’s a motorcycle, a segway, or a skateboard. We’re mobile, and not just on our phones.

Don’t forget to walk. With walking, our minds are healed. Somehow the rhythm of walking; the fresh air; the connection of touching the ground brings our mind to simplicity.  It allows us to really see nature– and not just whizz by it.  It also allows us to truly recognize and connect with those who live there.

In developing nations, that is the norm. Often, homes don’t have doorways, or if they do, they are continually open.


People know each other, in an intimate yet casual way. Neighbors don’t move often, and day to day life often involves helping others.   You know when your neighbors arise, to the smile lines on their faces, and how long you hear the gentle, comforting murmur of their voices before they drift asleep. It’s truly about living together.

So don’t whizz by.


Take a moment to know yourself, know your neighbors, and the nature that exists around you. Even if you are in a city, you can take the time to get to know the people  “behind Unit 303,” or recognize a beautiful rose plant adoring the side of a cement street.



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