Classic Pamela Positive: Resting in Love

Resting in Love
There are no human necessities of proclamations
only manifestations
surely demonstrations
of God’s divine One-All, immediate-now Kingdom

If I thought or suggestion thought, or mortal mind thought astray
God governed me back to His sured, loving way
Of Love whole, peaceable and in perfect-calm serenity
the only steps forward, in accord with His Mind, kept-keep me
in His Spiritual Stay

All rightness remains
God knows no other;
Divine idea to idea, Love develops, uncovers —
and eternally sustains                                                                                                                     

Resting in Love
no unpeace no uncalm no unsettle

then in
a moment I saw, and when I recognized Love
I took the human view and raised it above

PH living in San Francisco. Working on no loss of information and keeping my thought calm and attuned to God, Love (I seemed to have lost the data on my computer, including The Right Idea business plan). Keep trusting, keep you joy, rest in love. 33 yrs.


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