The Classic Pamela Positive: To Have a Positive Mindset: Build Your Mind as You Would Your Dream Home

When you build a house, you have to have a vision.  It’s your view of “home” you would like to create.   This is a place of safety, beauty, stability, warmth and welcome.

Sometimes, there might be a setback.  You might run out of brick, or the paint color you chose was a bit off.  At times, you might even have to fumigate.  Yet hold the vision of your beautiful home.  Keep striving for it.

What has helped me during any tough time of building, is gratitude. At this moment, there is something to appreciate.  If you are having a hard time in sales, you can be grateful you uplifted a client with a smile.  If your son lost his soccer game, you can be grateful he can play, run, and be sportsmanlike.  If you are hoping to be married, you can be grateful you can give love to anyone, not just your future husband.

And what about what the world, our larger home, presents to us?  If a natural disaster has occurred, you can be grateful that people are caring and helping.   This is where the goodness of people comes out.

And our gratitude even comes down to the weather.  Let’s be grateful that the sun came out today.  In many countries, pollution blocks the sun.  That a friend is near, or that we spoke with our mom on the phone.  We can find the good even when we don’t seem to have or own much. True wealth comes from qualities of being loving, kind, sincere, genuine, giving.

How wonderful that wealth is available to each one of us – that is our true home.    Oh the richness of life!


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