Wasting One of Our Most Precious Resources

We’re wasting one of our most precious resources — the food that nourishes us.

According to FAO, Europe and North America combined lose 280-300 Kg/year per each individual.  Yet in many developing nations in Africa, the number is only 6-11 Kg.

What’s interesting is that there is a huge amount of waste in both wealthier and impoverished communities. With the latter, it’s more about transportation, lack of refrigeration, inadequate processing facilities or simply not having the supply channels ready and established to distribute.

Yet with us – it’s consumer-related. It’s both our grocery stores and what we throw away in our homes everyday.

Interestingly, a new report by Dana Gunders also shows that “the best used by” date doesn’t mean it’s spoiled. It simply means the “optimum freshness” or “best used by.” One wonders if the company’s message makes us toss valuable food even though it is still good, so that they can sell us more.

Over the past quarter century, our food waste has doubled.  Let’s reverse this trend.  Let’s be careful about what we eat, what we spend, and what we throw away. For developing nations, let’s invest in new businesses and transportation mechanisms so that food can be fruitfully used.  Here’s a way you can donate or invest today:

Through UniversalGiving – Donate: Feed a vulnerable child for one full week

Whole Foods Market – Community Giving


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