Learning from Wealthy Givers: How it Affects our Personal Life

Part One in a Series

Some key findings on wealthy donors to which we should listen.  Remember, philanthropy is considered “care for humanity,” not just simply writing a check.

Donors request the following from nonprofits: efficiency, privacy, efficacy, good listening and care.   These are good lessons learned in any area of life, regardless of running a nonprofit.  See their advice and my notes below.  



Major Findings from America’s Wealthiest Donors: How They Give and How They View Nonprofits

 1. 82% of donors believe nonprofits should spend appropriate amount of overhead

We can be efficient and careful with our personal funds or business accounts.

 2. 78% don’t want their names distributed

Sometimes people don’t want to disclose a personal challenge. They might want to share it with only a few friends.  Or a business conversation should be confidential. We can respect privacy carefully and judiciously. 

3. 37% want details about an nonprofit’s efficacy before donating

Are we being effective, conscientious?  Whether we are learning a language, helping a nephew with homework, coaching soccer, or closing a business deal, we can be careful and wise about how we go about these endeavors.

4. 38% stopped giving because the nonprofit asked too often for inappropriate amount

Good listening and intuition are important in life. How does a person want to be approached when a request, when any request is made? Listen with your eyes, your heart and their body language, not just your ears.  

Many times we have our goals; we want to and hope to achieve them. But let’s be sure we are being highly sensitive to the other person’s goals and needs.   Your heart should meet their heart, when any request is made.

5. 50% would still give the same amount if tax deductions were eliminated

This is heartening to hear, and shows a donor’s generosity and right intention.  Lovely!  

Philanthropy is the love of people. We can learn from wealthy donors, and how they love of people. Their principles are a great example to us all, in any endeavor!  


America’s Wealthiest Donors: How They Give and How they View Non-Profits

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Nov. 2012)


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