Maasai Land: Taking a Stand for Home

Home.  What a kindness, security and blessing it is to each one of us.  We take it with us, wherever we go.

My heart drops when I read below about the Maasai tribe.  What does it feel like if your home is about to be taken away?   To make it real for yourself, simply imagine that below is your own home.

“Tanzania announced last week it plans to evict 30,000 Maasai herders from their ancestral lands in order to create a game reserve offering exclusive access for a Dubai-based hunting company. Maasai activists say the proposal, which reduces their space here by 40 percent, will destroy their traditional cattle-herding livelihood.

The Maasai once ranged across northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, following seasonal rains with their cattle…Now, they could be losing some of that land, too. According to the proposal, they would be locked out of the planned corridor, while Ortello Business Corp. (OBC), a Dubai-based hunting outfit that has operated in Loliondo since 1992, would be granted access.

…Numbers of women at sit-ins have swelled in recent days, with protesters refusing to leave, despite a further deployment of government troops that are driving the muddy roads of Loliondo in open air trucks waving dark red warning flags.”

– “Maasai Face Eviction from Ancestral Lands,” The Christian Science Monitor

We have to gently and firmly take a stand for home in every part of the world. I hope you will join me in supporting homes through UniversalGiving today.

Volunteer to renovate homes

Give to build earthquake-safe homes in Haiti

Support families in Palestine rebuilding their village


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