Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth. We’ve heard this familiar phrase so many times, and yet it is not to be taken for granted.

If we can really live Peace on Earth, then what would happen?

A true peacefulness.  An inner, quiet joy.  A love of life, quietly radiating, from one to another… and so the whole world would be enveloped.   We would all be enveloped in a calm couverture of connectedness.

We know how we can get there. It starts from inside.  Only then can it be given to others.

You can’t help create peace amongst others if you don’t yet have it firmly residing in you.


Where did we get this beautiful admonition?  It starts with the Annunciation to the Shepherds, found in Chapter two of Luke in the Bible. It’s where the shepherds are startled and afraid by a sudden appearance of angels. The angels were there to tell them of Jesus’ birth.

Here was their message, translated from the early Greek: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on Earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

So it wasn’t just “On earth peace, good will to Men,” as we commonly know it.  It was about favor.

What a lovely thought.  We can all be grateful that peace comes to us because favor rests upon us.  A favor that is kind and equal to all.


In the dictionary, the word “favor” has a lovely connotation:   “A gracious, friendly or obliging act that is freely granted.”  It lets us know that someone does something for us purely.  It comes from the sincerest motivation.

Another definition is “Friendly or favorable regard; approval or support.”

Who wouldn’t want to feel  approval and support? And yet we all are held in that regard.

We can follow this unfoldment further.   Favor is also defined as “privilege.”  It makes us feel special, because each one of us is. We each express different qualities, such as intelligence, differently — or love differently.  That makes us each unique and cherished.


On Earth Peace to Those on Whom His Favor Rests

May you live that peace today.



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