Basketball Feet: Staying On Your Toes for the Next Move in Social Media

Any good Basketball Player knows you have to do your best to forecast, but you can’t always know where the ball is going. That’s why you stay on you feet, and specifically your toes.

So I told my team to stay on their feet regarding Social Media. Basketball feet. You’re ready, on your toes, watching for that next move.

And so it is with Social Media. Algorithms change. Search results adapt. New criteria come in; others are wiped out. A social media site’s goal is to make search results legitimate, authentic and helpful. So should UniversalGiving’s listings be: true, helpful, inspiring.

No good basketball player drives toward the right hand side of the basket every single time. No great athlete ever takes a three point shot every single play.

Social Media sites won’t stay the same. They move it up, they change it up and make it better — and so should we.


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