Shared Joy in Relationships

So that’s what it is. Shared Joy.

I was talking with one of my dearest friends, Josh. And as we had our near daily catch-up (usually in the kitchen at the HUB where we cook together), we were talking about relationships.

So here is great Josh, who has just cooked an amazing meal of his beautiful colored veggies and light grains, and we are having another one of those conversations. “Those conversations” usually entails something very deep, and then hilarious English gibberish that sounds like we are talking English, but isn’t. The poor people around us, who think Josh and I are triple PhDs, and can’t participate in the conversation. 🙂 It’s our fun way of being mindful of life, and, having fun!

So today, pre-gibberish, I told him that what marriage meant to me, was Shared Joy.

When you enter into that relationship, it’s about sharing joy in life and helping each other with each other’s goals.

I find that so inspiring. What do you love to do? It really doesn’t matter to me as long as it is ethical, and how then I love to support, listen, help if they like, the person on that pathway. And that is joy!

From Josh, “Oh, Pamela, that’s good. Hold to that. That’s it…that’s a good way to look at it. Shared Joy.” In our conversations, Josh is very good about pulling out one main idea and holding to it.


How great to get clear

on what marriage, and what all our relationships can be based on. This holds true for


right employment

right location

right home buying

right roommate searching

right business partnerships…


So why do we get married, or enter into any relationship? It’s not just for family or companionship. It’s not just to ‘find someone’ who understands us, or to feel as if we belong.

It’s about sharing a pathway of joy, so that we can be inspired and helpful in our day to day. I just love that thought that someday if it is right for me, I will enter into it knowing that the guy is on this same page:

We want to live a life sharing joy, and helping each other with one another’s goals.




Get clear on what relationship means to you. For me, today, it’s shared joy across all my relationships, and I’ll continue to expand on that concept for all areas of my life.

Enjoy your day,

P.S. To find out about my selfless friend Josh, check out his SelflessTees. 🙂


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