How Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls Changed the World

Patricia Barnes is an amazing woman.  She honors her grandmother and has especially done so by creating Sister Schubert’s homemade rolls, based on a recipe that her grandmother created for their family. Miss Barnes’ company, which started in Alabama, has exploded and scaled to more than a million rolls per day.  With her husband George Barnes, they help make Sister Schubert’s rolls available to so many all over the nation.

Patricia Barnes has been noted for her devotion to many philanthropic causes through her Barnes Family Foundation. She and her husband have donated nearly 3 million dollars to different non-profits, especially historic preservation and helping children in Ukraine.

She even received the silver Gorlav metal from Gorlokva, Ukraine for creating Sasha’s Home, which takes care of nearly 50 children who are hoping to be adopted into families. Sasha’s Home provides a safe, kind home for these children.

We honor Miss Barnes, who has devoted so much to our world, all starting by honoring her grandmother. May we honor our grandmothers, our family, then our world, in all we do today.


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