Which Country Wins The Day on Most Renewable Energy at 15%?

Congratulations to Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and Portugal, who lead the world in producing the most renewable energy, with more than 15% of their energy coming from renewable sources.  You are an example. I hope one day soon it’s 50%, then 100%.  Let’s think big.  For the U.S., we have a start at 2.5%, putting us at #7 among the G20 countries.

Regarding investments, South Korea had the biggest leap in investment, followed by China and Brazil. The U.S. was second in line in highest investing in renewable energy (behind China) for 2011.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that the G20 countries lead the world in utilizing renewable energy.  In 2010, these 20 countries produced more than 82% of the world’s renewable energy.  The NRDC defined it as “solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and wave electricity production.”  Wave electricity production refers to obtaining power from ocean surface waves.

It’s wonderful to ‘use the earth’ when it helps us live kindly, productively, and with intelligence.

Read the NRDC’s full report.

Photo courtesy of the NRDC.


2 thoughts on “Which Country Wins The Day on Most Renewable Energy at 15%?

  1. Envirocruit (@Envirocruit)

    What do you think to Rio + 20 themes? According to a lot of people Rio 20 did not achieve anything except political grandstanding. No agreements, no way forward, and some key nations did not even turn up. Sure it creates a focal point for issues and gets awareness out there, and nations will proceed as they are, some championing these causes, some not. As far as I am aware a global consensus is non-existant. Can’t wait until the next one when they all sit down to talk about what needs to happen, and the next, and the next. I think the whole approach may be wrong. A and B should simply be combined to say a ‘Sustainable Global Economy’ and definitions around it should include a ‘transition’ to a renewable energy global economy and maintenence of ecosystem function at a level to sustain human survial and wellbeing. For those interested in seeking a career in sustainable development, renewable energy or environment jobs pay a visit to http://www.envirocruit.com a reliable and regularly updated source for finding green jobs across the globe from some of the leading employers around the world.


    1. Pamela Hawley Post author

      Thank you for your message! Often, it’s hard to evaluate the exact results of a worldwide meeting, and I am not the expert to do so. Yet the efforts and motives of hundreds of representatives, from so many countries, is laudable. They took their time to convene on such an important issue, and that is progress. Sometimes it takes awhile for the group thought to ‘leaven,’ if you will, to new advancements in thinking! Each meeting, each motive, is a step towards a better world.

      At some point my hope is we wouldn’t need these meetings. And until that day, we meet, discuss, and strive to come up with concrete plans that are actionable. We can learn from this meeting, and make our individual plans to do better in our own lives. For that is what America is about. We are made up of entrepreneurs who don’t wait for positive change, and, that attitude influences the entire world.

      Thank you for writing and please keep the comments coming.

      Sincerely, Pamela



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