“The First Thing You Have to Do Is Say Thank You” – Recommendation by J. Kermit Campbell, Former CEO of Herman Miller

J. Kermit Campbell, Former CEO of Herman Miller, has some wise advice for us. A very insightful CEO, it applies to any line of work we’re in–as well as any part of life.  We remember that success is not just about climbing the ladder; it’s about who you are and how you lead your day to day.

From Mr. Campbell:

“There’s an old saying at Herman Miller: the first thing you have to do is make sure you tell folks thank you. Then, you give them a picture of where you’re going, so they have hope and do the work necessary to get to the other side. You will often be surprised by [their] resilience.”

So before you can lead or start your day, always say thank you. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate… whether it is the person who opens the door for you, executes on a marketing campaign, closes a deal, or smiles at you on the street.  Then, if needed, you can provide the inspiring direction. And with that pervasive tone of “thank you,” you have allowed your team to be filled with positive energy.

We keep that beautiful love of gratitude going throughout our lives.  When we do so, we are sure to live a life of love and success.

Herman Miller is a leading furniture company, founded by D. J. DePree, with a more than 100-year history.  They focus on innovation, and designing products to create a better world.  J. Kermit Campbell is a former CEO of Herman Miller, and the current Lead Independent Director of SPX Corporation.  He is an investor or board member for a number of companies and charitable organizations.


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