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One of the Most Important Reasons Why You Can Help Ethiopia: the 13%

If you want to help this holiday, Ethiopia is not too far a reach.  Ethiopia has one of the largest populations of orphans in the world.  They might not be in your backyard, but 13% of Ethiopian children are missing one or both parents.  One in six Ethiopian children are orphans.

No matter what your station in life, you can help provide them support:

For $25, feed a child for a month.
For $50, keep a child smiling with dental care.
For $100, support summer arts programs.
For $800, care for a child for a year.

Help Ethiopian children be healthy and happy this holiday season by providing them the support they need.  Reach across the world, with an issue that is close to home with all of us, the preciousness of family.

The Pamela Positive: Sit Down at the Table

“…they’ve done studies on children who are required to sit down at the family table and those who are not.  And the ones who are score higher academically; they’re more well adjusted.” – Paula Deen, Food Network Star

Sit down, be present, share.   It’s not just about community, about family… but also about being the best we can be.  Sitting down at the table with your loved ones for a mealtime shares love, and, helps you reach your goals!

The Pamela Positive: What We Can Learn from the Gentle, Observant Jain Religion

Jainism is a group that believes we should leave barely a footprint on this earth.  They believe in gentility, kindness, and care for every living creature.  It’s even to the extent of not eating root vegetables, because pulling up the roots makes the plant die.  Jains honor every living thing.

Founded in a similar time frame as Buddhism, Jainism primarily existed in Hindu parts of India.  In the present day it is a small but powerful minority among the world’s religions, with some 4 million followers in India and growing communities elsewhere in the world.  A few core beliefs of Jainism include that every living being has a soul; non-violence is the path to right thinking; attachment to possessions should be limited, and one’s life should be lived to be useful to others.

May we be gentle, respectful and observant of the preciousness of life in all its form.

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Being Emotionally Scammed

Many entrepreneurs believe.

They have to.

At all times.

That’s how they are made up: they have a vision, and most times, others don’t believe it.  They can’t see it.

Believing is an awesome view of life.  Don’t we want to Believe?

Such as…

Anything is Possible

                    Truth will Win

                    The Right Plan is happening Right Now

                    Good is Present Everywhere… Find it, See it

These are the things I try to believe.  And it can be hard when something tries to distort it.  Entrepreneurs are used to going against the grain, but this is where they can get “scammed.”

When they believe in a person who seems to do them wrong. Or behaves in a way that isn’t right.  And yet the entrepreneur might give a second chance… and for some of us, a second, third, fourth, fifth.  We don’t want to give up. For me as an entrepreneur, I never want to give up on people.   Yet this is where it can hurt your organization, dent your vision (briefly for a time), hurt your heart, or simply slow your progress.

So in essence, don’t get scammed — by yourself. No one can do it to you; you continue to give that someone a chance. You can always believe that the person is trying their best, or that there is another right place for them, or in worst case — wish them well and believe you did your best.

The Pamela Positive: “Though I Sit Down Now, the Time Will Come When You Will Hear Me.”

“Though I sit down now, the time will come when you will hear me.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli would be heard.

An author and prime minister of the United Kingdom in the 19th century, his first speech in the House of Commons was not received well. Yet he ended firmly with: “though I sit down now, the time will come when you will hear me.”

May we all have the humble confidence to stay firm and unyielding in discouragement. Let’s continue on with our unique, beautiful vision of how we can serve, and be heard.

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) served in the British government for over three decades, twice as prime minister. He was instrumental in the creation of the modern Conservative Party. He is known also for his political rivalry with William Gladstone, and his friendship with Queen Victoria. Disraeli wrote a number of novels, including Sybil and Vivian Grey, and served two terms as Rector of the University at Glasgow University.

The Pamela Positive: “When You’re at the Table, You’re Open and Your Defenses Are Down”

“People want that gathering together. The table is magical. When you’re at the table, you’re open and your defenses are down.”

– Lidia Bastianich, host of PBS “Lidia’s Italy”

Mealtimes seem to be a time of the past. We eat in our cars and desks or even holding a powerbar walking out the door… and yet Lidia points out how we can find deep caring and nourishment at the table.  It’s not just sharing food, but also sharing of our hearts and feelings.  It’s a time to be a sounding board and to have sounding boards…from people who truly care about you.  It’s a time to relax, and yet also profound as some of the most important issues in your life may come out in a casual way.

Don’t miss this time with your loved ones.  “The table is magical.”  Or I might add  “The people at the table are magical.”

The Importance of a 95-Year-Old King for Us All

There are some people who truly appreciate family.

And Michael Quattrone, co-founder of Hearthfire, is one of them.  An accomplished singer, actor, director – and  most importantly, sincere person of the heart — knows very well the importance of family.  And sometimes, we forget to to do so with slow, sincere gratitude.  Below, Michael took time to write about and celebrate a special family member’s birthday:

“I wrote [this song] last year for my grandfather’s 95th birthday. The whole family gathered around while I sang it to him, and then everyone joined in while his children each spoke a few words about him.  It was special for both of us.”

Long Live the King

If a man could be a king,
Then you would surely be
The king of everything,
Because you’re everything to me.

And you have shared your crown
With everyone around.
It may be hard to see,
We each wear it differently.

But on your birthday we can say
We are grateful for the way
You have shown us how to live
And how to love and how to give.

Even when our swords were crossed,
We knew we were never lost.
You stood by your family,
That’s the way a king should be.

Now you’re turning ninety-five,
Your heart is at its most alive.
I see the softness in your eyes,
Long live the king.

Now you’re turning ninety-five
Your heart is at its most alive.
I see the light behind your eyes,
Long live the king.

~ Michael Quattrone


Michael Quattrone is a singer, songwriter and seeker whose greatest curiosity and most profound learning are sparked at the threshold between inner life and outward expression. By honoring his journey in music and poetry, and sharing his passion for the creative process, Michael encourages others to raise their voices, express their gratitude, and live in harmony.  Read more on Hearthfire.