A Policy of “Zero Problems with the Neighbors”

Turkey is a model for us.  It has a new official policy: “zero problems with the neighbors.”

As is the situation with many countries, Turkey has had its share of challenges with its neighbors.  For example, there were reports of genocide in 1915 in Armenia, or challenges with its other Arab neighbors.

Yet their official policy now is to extend friendship, positive relations and harmony in its relationship-building.  In essence, Turkey is focusing forward, rather than looking back.

Whether we’re a country, a person, in a marriage, or working on a partnership, shouldn’t we all take this view?  “Zero problems with the neighbors?”

Let us let harmony, peace and trust reign in all that we do.


2 thoughts on “A Policy of “Zero Problems with the Neighbors”

  1. ozgurzan

    Nice post Pamela. I would like to contribute to your post by reminding that it is not a new foreign policy for Turkey.

    Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic emphasized peace in 1933 (in the 10th anniversary of Turkish Republic) with his famous motto: “peace at home and peace in the world”.

    Ataturk was a real visionary and a leader.


    1. Pamela Hawley Post author

      Dear Mr. Ozgurzan,

      Thank you so much for such a great post…and a welcome reminder! You are absolutely right. Ataturk was a visionary not only from the economic perspective, but also from the perspective of social movements and the ability to build positive relationships.

      Thank you and excellent point! I welcome further dialogue and examples.

      All best, Pamela



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